TV PAS – 31 Oktober 2011 – Isu Lynas – Kem. Miti – MP PKR Kuantan

31 Oktober 2011 – Isu Lynas – Menteri MITI – MP PKR Kuantan

TV PAS – MP PKR Kuantan Minta Menteri MITI tidak Jadi Jurucakap Lynas 31 Okt 2011

MP PKR Kuantan Minta Menteri MITI tidak Jadi Jurucakap Lynas. YB Hjh Fuziah Salleh merayu supaya Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri sewaktu perbahasan Belanjawan 2012 tidak menjadi jurucakap Lynas pada 31 Okt 2011.

TV PAS – MP PKR Kuantan Bahas Belanjawan 2012 (Isu Lynas) 18 Okt 2011

MP PKR Kuantan, YB Fuziah Salleh Bahas Belanjawan 2012 (dan juga isu Lynas) pada 18 Okt 2011


Uploaded by pengukircahaya on 24 Sep 2011 A coalition has been setup by 18 NGO’s and political parties to team up effort in stoping Lynas plant’s operation in Gebeng, Kuantan. The Lynas plant will be producing rare-earth product when completed is believed to produce hazardous radioactive waste by-product. This STOP LYNAS COALITION, comprising of expertise…

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Press Conference of “Stop Lynas Coalition” conducted by Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh on 24th September 2011

The Press Conference was held on 24th September 2011, started at 6:30pm, at 2nd Floor, GC Curry House Seminar Hall, Jalan Air Putih, Kuantan, Pahang. The Press Conference started 30 minutes after the Strategic Planning Workshop on Stop Lynas Campaign completed. The workshop was organized by Kuantan Concern Citizen (KCC) by inviting Kuantan MP YB…

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Video Clip – Al Jazeera on Bersih 2.0 Rally in Kuala Lumpur 9 July 2011

July 9, 2011: The day Malaysia woke up and realised it cannot hide nor ignore its deep divisions for much longer… The only reason why the BN government is against transparency and electoral reform is because they have been manipulating the electoral process in the first place… Time to vote them out of office, don’t…

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