TV PAS – MP PKR Kuantan Minta Menteri MITI tidak Jadi Jurucakap Lynas 31 Okt 2011

MP PKR Kuantan Minta Menteri MITI tidak Jadi Jurucakap Lynas. YB Hjh Fuziah Salleh merayu supaya Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri sewaktu perbahasan Belanjawan 2012 tidak menjadi jurucakap Lynas pada 31 Okt 2011.


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A coalition has been setup by 18 NGO’s and political parties to team up effort in stoping Lynas plant’s operation in Gebeng, Kuantan. The Lynas plant will be producing rare-earth product when completed is believed to produce hazardous radioactive waste by-product.

This STOP LYNAS COALITION, comprising of expertise in various field i.e. lawyers, medical doctors, engineers, scientist and logistic experts, are converging their skills in an effort to stop Lynas Plant, with extended networks locally and internationally.

Spear headed by PKR MP (Kuantan), Fuziah Salleh, Stop Lynas Coalition will give full support on this coming 9th October Earth Charter Day.

Press Conference of “Stop Lynas Coalition” conducted by Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh on 24th September 2011

The Press Conference was held on 24th September 2011, started at 6:30pm, at 2nd Floor, GC Curry House Seminar Hall, Jalan Air Putih, Kuantan, Pahang. The Press Conference started 30 minutes after the Strategic Planning Workshop on Stop Lynas Campaign completed. The workshop was organized by Kuantan Concern Citizen (KCC) by inviting Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh as the workshop facilitator. The purpose of the workshop is to strengthen the efforts of various interest groups in ensuring that Lynas Advance Materials Plant (LAMP) is prevented from operating in Malaysia.


The workshop resolution is forming the “Stop Lynas Coalition” supports by NGOs, NGIs, Malaysia Medical Association (MMA), Pahang Bar Council and various interest groups.


List of the NGOs, professional bodies, interest groups, and political parties participated in the Strategic Planning Workshop on Stop Lynas Campaign on 24th September 2011:

  1. Badan Bertindak Anti Rare Earth Refinery (BADAR)
  2. Kuantan Concern Citizen (KCC)
  3. Gelombang Hijau
  4. Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)
  5. Pahang Bar Council
  6. The People’s Green Coalition
  7. Consumer Association Penang (CAP)
  8. Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)
  9. Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM)
  10. Kuantan Baptist Church Kuantan
  11. Kean Tao Baptist Church Kuantan
  12. Pastor English Team Kuantan
  13. Kuantan Environmental Watch Group
  14. Cyber Research Team of Kuantan MP
  15. Penang Residents’ Welfare and Education Association (PRWEA)
  16. PKR Kuantan Division
  17. PKR Indera Mahkota Division
  18. PAS Indera Mahkota Division
  19. Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas

Free Malaysia Today – Fuziah belittles radiation expert’s analysis

K Pragalath | September 14, 2011

The Kuantan MP replies to criticisms by Lynas-hired Nick Tsurikov.

PETALING JAYA: Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh today shot back at radiation expert Nick Tsurikov, who has disputed statements she made recently regarding the dangers posed by the rare earth project in Gebeng, near Kuantan.

She criticised his analysis as “shallow” and questioned his standing as an independent expert, noting that he was hired by Lynas Corp, the Australian mining company that is setting up the Gebeng operations.

In a letter to Fuziah dated Aug 29, Tsurikov disputed several statements that she made in an interview on TV PAS. Fauziah, who is a vice president in PKR, made the letter public today and gave her replies to his ciriticisms.

She said Tsukirov had chosen a “narrow-tunnel” perspective to “put in a shallow analysis”.

“He is looking from a radiation perspective whereas we are facing a multi-faceted issue.”

She also said Tsurikov, who is based in Australia, was unable to understand the seriousness of the situation.

One of Tsukirov’s objections was against Fuziah’s claim that Lynas would follow standard practices in China. He said the allegation was not supported by documentation or any other evidence.

In response to this, Fuziah quoted reports alleging that Lynas was using China Standards GB9133-88 as a benchmark.

“I mentioned that there are no rare earth refineries in operation outside China at the moment. Thus we do not have a benchmark. Neither do we have a best practice in rare earth refining.”

Tsurikov also disputed Fuziah’s claims about possible uranium leakages into the water system. To this, the MP pointed out the Balok river’s proximity to the Gebeng industrial zone.

“Our technical team is very concerned that some of the uranium will be dissolved during the process of extraction at high temperature using acids,” she said.

Fuziah denied calling for the closure of all rare earth plants in the world, in response to Tsurikov’s remark that consumers would be denied a vast array of products and services if such operations were closed down.

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Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh’s Reply to Lynas “Radiation Safety Officer” Nick Tsurikov

Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh vs Lynas "Radiation Safety Officer" Nick Tsurikov

Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh vs Lynas "Radiation Safety Officer" Nick Tsurikov

13th Sept 2011


Dear Mr Nick Tsurikov


Your letter dated 29th August 2011 and comments on my interview with TV PAS titled Perceptions – Why we must Stop Lynas is referred to. I am sorry for the late reply. It’s due to the busy schedule in Ramadhan as well as the long Eid Holidays plus the fact that some of the experts in our team being overseas. Anyway, here is the reply.


Much as I appreciate your interest in my interview, and with all due respect, I find that your comments to my interview are grossly out of order and based on many wrong perceptions of my actual response in the interview. You have misinterpreted and misunderstood many of my statements, (either intentionally or unintentionally) and in some instance, even accuse me of saying things which I didn’t.


Considering that you’ve been advising Lynas Corporation on issues of radiation, I cannot dismiss the possibility that you may have been instructed by Lynas Corporation to write to me. However, I will give you the benefit of the doubt by accepting your sincerity to discuss the issues openly with my team of experts as well as with myself.


Please refer back to the video of the interview on you tube “Perceptions -Why We Must Stop Lynas” in answer to all your issues below.


1. It was very clear in the video clip that I was referring to “No Benchmark” and “No Best Practise Guidelines” to a rare earth refinery. I was not referring to radiation alone. Furthermore I didn’t even mention the word radiation. I mentioned that there’s no rare earth refinery in operations outside China at the moment thus we do not have a benchmark neither do we have a best practise in rare earth refinery, unlike other chemical plants…


2. The China Standards: Attachment 1 – Please refer to the proposal from Lynas Corp which was presented to ?our government in the early stages. Under the title “Deportment of Radioactivity” It is self-explanatory that Lynas Corp at that time plans to get away from the responsibility of managing the radioactive waste re – LAMP by declaring that the waste from its plant is not radioactive. It was using the China Standards GB9133-88 as benchmark. Furthermore, you may have noticed that the IAEA safety standards for Radioactive Waste Classification. IAEA No. GSG-1, was not mentioned anywhere in the EIA report for LAMP neither was it mentioned by IAEA in their peer review report on Lynas. Lynas Corp had not shown any commitments in any of its documentation to the IAEA standards right from the beginning till now.


3. The statement “in Australia even to extract the rare earth elements it is mandatory for the operations to be located 35 kms from residential areas” was never ever mentioned by me. I suggest it’s best that you have a look at the video clip again. To accuse me of having misled the public on this issue and statement is grossly bad faith on your part in a situation when it was not even said by me. On other occasions, whenever I was referring to the 30 km radius, I was referring to the Mt Weld Concentration Plant, vis-a-vis LAMP which is being built in a densely populated area within its 30 km radius.


4. The discussion on the specific radioactivity is provided by our consultant Dr Lee Chee Hong – a Chemical Engineer with an expertise on metal corrosion. Dr Lee quotes that “The activity concentration of the water leach purification (WLP) solid waste is reportedly 6.2 Bq/g, (IAEA Report) this puts the LAMP’s WLP waste in the Low Level Waste (LLW) category. It is recommended by the IAEA GSG, this waste requires robust isolation and containment for periods of up to a few hundred years and is suitable for disposal in engineered near surface facilities.”


5. Please refer to the Video clip again. When I was talking about alpha, I was referring to the radiation in the context the penetration distance and it being not so dangerous in that sense. To take it out of context is so unprofessional of someone with your background and expertise. The comments about the dust have been provided by our consultant on public health. Dr Chan Chee Khoon an epidemiologist. He quotes “Equally important, current international radiation standards have yet to deal satisfactorily with the contentious issues plaguing CERRIE’s deliberations on internal emitters”

ref: ECRR 2010 (p.7):

the present radiological safety models are largely accurate for external irradiation situations involving doses greater than 100 mSv so long as the exposures are well defined and uniform, but break down where calculations involving averaging methods are used to examine non-uniform doses in microscopic tissue volumes. It is the microscopic distribution of ionizing events in tissue, from the point of view both of the external field and of the medium of absorption, which is the critical factor in radiobiological damage and this has not been modelled by the physics-based ICRP model which largely ignores molecular interactions, dealing rather with average energy transfer. (Attachment 2)


6. I am aware that MP Robin Chapple has been to see you. According to your good self Uranium waste from LAMP will be stripped in Kuantan – I am sure you can recall your conversation with Hon Robin Chapple during his visit to Lynas Corporation sometime in May. Do you realise that Balok river is just next to the Gebeng Industrial zone and it leads to the sea. Our technical team is very concerned that some of the uranium will be dissolved during the process of extraction at high temperature using acids. After the centrifugal process to separate the solid from the liquid the dissolved uranium may be discharged as part of the liquid waste. Balok River leads to the sea and Kuantan harbours one of the largest fishing port in the region with 390 deep sea trawlers registered. These are real concerns that should never be dismissed.


7. Again you are putting words into my mouth. I never said we should close all plants that produce radioactive waste. I do not think that you can ever understand the seriousness of the situation, considering that you’re based in Australia. My greatest concern is that LAMP should never have been approved to be located in Gebeng or anywhere in Malaysia. Lynas Corp have the license to operate a secondary processing plant in Meenar, Western Australia. The commitments laid down by EPA were so stringent. Why is it Lynas does not follow the same commitments here in Malaysia?


As a conclusion, In order to make a decision regarding the safety of LAMP it involves inputs from various disciplines, and not radiation alone. Once you appreciate that, then only you will understand the angle where we’re coming from.


Thank You and Best Regards,


Fuziah Salleh

MP for Kuantan


3 Reference Links (in PDF files):

YB Fuziah’s Reference – Attachment 1: Deportment of Radioactivity

YB Fuziah’s Reference – Attachment 2: ECRR 2010 Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk

Nick Tsurikov’s letter dated 29th August 2011 to Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh:



Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh’s Reply to Lynas “Radiation Safety Officer” Nick Tsurikov

Video Clip – Rare Earth Experts Embarrassed in Malaysia (China NTDTV)

Media Advisory: Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh – Meeting up with Siemens (who is entering into a JV with Lynas Corp)

Dear Friends of the Media,

You are cordially invited to a Press Conference on Friday 5th Aug at KL Hilton, which will be held at 4.30pm immediately after the meeting with Siemens.

As you all know, Siemens have recently signed a letter of intent for a JV with Lynas Corp to operate a plant to produce magnets here in Malaysia. Even though the JV has nothing to do with rare earth refinery and extraction, it does provide justification for the existence of LAMP. At the same time it also contradicts Siemens corporate values of supporting Green technology.

This is a great concern for the folks in Kuantan. Thus I have asked to meet Siemens, to which they have responded well.

My meeting with Siemens will be accompanied by 4 person altogether – 2 representing BADAR, the residents of Balok as well as 2 technical persons. Details of the meeting with Siemens are as follows.

Date : Friday, 5 August 2011
Time : 15:30
Venue : Hilton Kuala Lumpur
Accord Boardroom, Level 6
No. 3, Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Attendees on behalf of Siemens:

Mr Prakash Chandran,
President & CEO Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Mr Alexander Pulkert
Head of Direct Drives Sales, Siemens AG, Germany

Mr Winfried Wittmann
Senior Director Public Relations Siemens AG, Germany

Mr Pravind Menon
Regional Compliance Officer Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Ms. Vasanthe Narayanasamy
Vice President & Head, Communications Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Ms. Stephanie Wee
Customer Relations & Government Liaison Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Thank You and Kind Regards.
See you at the PC

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan, Malaysia