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December 04, 2012

Vehicles drive past Himpunan Hijau supporters marching toward Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur in this file photo of November 25, 2012. The Himpunan Hijau group wants to stop the Lynas project in Gebeng, Pahang. – Picture by Saw Siow Feng

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 3 – The Court of Appeal has set Friday, to hear an application from three Kuantan residents for an interim stay of the Kuantan High Court refusal to temporarily suspend the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) licence to operate its rare-earth processing plant in Gebeng.

The residents sought the interim stay from the Court of Appeal, pending their appeal to the latter against the Kuantan High Court’s Nov 8 decision to disallow their application to temporarily stay the temporary operating licence (TOL), until their judicial review application was heard and disposed of, by the high court.

Counsel Gene Vendargon, appearing for the residents, said the Court of Appeal registry fixed the date today, following their interim stay application filed under Section 44 of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 on Nov 29, which was attached together with a certificate of urgency.

He said he received today, the sealed copy of the notice of motion and affidavit-in-support from the Court of Appeal registry.

The residents – Tan Bun Teet, 64, Syed Talib Syed Sulaiman, 60, and Hasimah Ramli, 44, filed their notice of appeal (against the Kuantan High Court decision) on Nov 9 this year.

The hearing of the judicial review application to quash the decision of the Atomic Energy Licensing Board and the science, technology and innovation ministry to issue TOL to Lamp, was fixed on Feb 5, before the Kuantan High Court.

On Nov 8, High Court judge Datuk Mariana Yahya dismissed the residents’ application for stay of the TOL, pending disposal of their judicial review applications.

She delivered her decision on that day after reserving it (her decision) for about a month, upon hearing submissions by the parties in the suit on the residents’ application for a stay order on the TOL.

Mariana had also granted an interim stay on the TOL to the residents, which expired after she delivered her decision on the residents’s stay application on Nov 8. – Bernama

Fuziah mahu terus juang isu Lynas

4 Disember 2012
Fuziah Salleh
Fuziah Salleh

SHAH ALAM – Ahli Parlimen Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh berkata, semangat beliau dan penduduk setempat tidak luntur untuk terus menentang projek Lynas walaupun operasi loji pemprosesan di Gebeng, yang tertangguh, dilaporkan sudah bermula baru-baru ini.

Fuziah berkata, beliau telah menyuarakan isu ini sejak 2008 secara bersendirian sehinggalah wujud kesedaran di kalangan rakyat.

“Apa yang belum kita buat? Ke mahkamah sudah, buat semakan kehakiman sudah… jalan kaki, naik basikal, panjang bukit hingga hantar memorandum pun sudah dibuat.

“Tetapi rintihan itu semua ibarat jatuh ke ‘telinga yang pekak dan tuli’. Kerajaan tidak respons kepada suara rakyat,” kata beliau ketika dihubungi Sinar Harian Online.

Minggu lalu, Pengerusi Eksekutif Lynas, Nicholas Curtis berkata, permulaan operasi itu sedang berjalan di loji Lynas Advanced Materials Plant.

Operasi itu bermula susulan siri bantahan, kajian kendalian pihak kerajaan, demonstrasi dan prosiding mahkamah, yang bermula sejak tahun lalu.

Katanya, melalui jualan komersial dan pengeluaran hasil akan dapat dijalankan dalam tempoh tiga hingga empat bulan.

Mengulas perkara berkaitan, Fuziah yang juga Naib Presiden PKR turut meluahkan kekesalannya kerana isu lebih besar tidak diberi penerangan yang konkrit terutamanya berkaitan pengurusan sisa buangan radioaktif yang lebih konkrit.

“Kesan radioaktif yang sebenarnya akan mencemarkan alam sekitar dan ekosistem, sebaliknya isu itu sengaja ditutup.

“Sebaliknya isu radiasi pula yang diperbesarkan.

Sama ada saya ataupun rakyat Kuantan tidak pernah menolak pembangunan tetapi banyak lagi pelaburan yang boleh dibuat,” dakwanya lagi.

Beliau menambah, apabila membicarakan mengenai isu alam, bukan keuntungan yang menjadi matlamat sebaliknya, “dunia yang bagaimana yang akan kita wariskan kepada anak cucu kita nanti?”

Katanya lagi, “biarlah rakyat sendiri yang buat keputusan selepas ini pada pilihan raya.”

Court to hear application to block Lynas plant on Feb 5

The Malaysian Insider
November 30, 2012

Activists display banners in protest against Australia’s Lynas Corp rare-earth plant during a rally in Kuala Lumpur November 26, 2012. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — A Malaysian high court will hear an application for judicial reviews to permanently block Lynas Corp’s controversial rare-earths plant on February 5 next year, a lawyer for the applicants said today. 

Activists linked to the environmental group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas want the Kuantan High Court to hear two judicial review cases challenging the government’s decision allowing the plant to operate.

The US$800 million (RM2.4 billion) plant – the world’s biggest outside China – started operating today, the Australian company said earlier, after long delays caused by legal challenges and safety disputes. The plant near the east coast city of Kuantan had been ready to fire up since early May.

Lynas said the first feed to kiln and commencement of operations were now under way at the Lynas advanced materials plant.

It also anticipated a ramp-up period of three to four months until its first commercial sales and subsequent cash generation. — Reuters

Himpunan Hijau to set up anti-Lynas blockade camp

the star online

Published: Wednesday November 28, 2012 MYT 5:15:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday November 28, 2012 MYT 5:59:30 PM


KUANTAN: Himpunan Hijau will set up an anti-Lynas blockade base camp to disrupt the operations of the rare earth refinery in Gebeng here.

Its chairman Wong Tack said the group was identifying a suitable location and would set up camp in Balok within the next few days.

“This base camp will serve as a command and execution centre as well as an information, exhibition and registration hub for blockade participants. The purpose is to galvanise this newfound energy we obtained from our 300km walk,” he said here Wednesday.

Wong said the group intended to block the second shipment of rare earth concentrates from arriving through the Kuantan Port and interrupt Lynas’ processing activities.

“The camp will stay there as long as Lynas is in operation. We will gather information and attack when the situation calls for it. We shall block the entire Kuantan Port and the whole industrial lane.

“Lynas may have slipped through our net once but they will not get a second chance,” said Wong.

Last Wednesday, about 100 containers of rare earth concentrate arrived at the port and were transported to the plant under police escort.

Asked whether he was afraid of police action, Wong said the people had the right to defend the environment and their homeland.

Bung blames ‘provocation’ for sexist statements

Ahmad Fadli KC
2:04PM Nov 27, 2012

BN Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) deputy chief Bung Mokhtar Radin  told the Dewan Rakyat today that “provocative speeches” could have resulted in MPs using sexist language in the House.

During the debate on the proposal to amend to Standing Orders 36(4) today, Bung Mokhtar (BN-Kinabatangan) pointed out that a ban on “provocative statements” is not  included in the proposed amendment.

bung mokhtar parliament 080708 01“I note that the amendment includes the word ‘sexist’ on top of ‘rude (language)’. It does not refer to provocative speeches.

“Perhaps, because of this provocation, there is an uneasy environment among the MPs and they will make provocative statements.

“As a result of this provocation, unhealthy statements will appear,” said Bung Mokhtar (left), whose legislative career had been pockmarked by a string of controversial statements about women in the Dewan Rakyat.

The most infamous remark was levelled at Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) in 2007, during a debate on roof leakage at Parliament House.

Bung had shot back at Fong’s complaint by asking: “Where’s the leak? The Batu Gajah MP leaks every month too”.

This earned the ire of women’s rights groups.

In March last year, Bung again raised eyebrows when he blamed women drivers for road accidents.

PKR Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh

There was uproar in the Dewan Rakyat when Fuziah Salleh (PKR-Kuantan) proposed that BN legislators undergo a gender sensitive course.

“What is the view of the Rantau Panjang MP, should the MPs from BN be given a course on gender sensitivity so they would not utter sexist remarks in the future?” Fuziah asked Siti Zailah Mohd Yussuf (PAS-Rantau Panjang).

Siti Zailah was the original MP who proposed that gender sensitive courses be conducted for all legislators.

However, Fuziah’s proposal was objected to by Nancy Shukri (BN-Batang Sadong) who claimed that Fuziah was uttering a sexist remark by making the proposal.

“Mr Speaker sir, I think this is an unfair statement. Please retract the specific reference to BN. Such a statement could be described as sexist,” said Nancy.

Fuziah then replied that she made the proposal as most of the sexist remarks made in parliament were uttered by BN MPs.

Ibrahim Ali sceptical

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas) was sceptical over the effectiveness of the amendment.

“I do not have the confidence such practise may stop… if we look at the attitude of certain people, as I am not confident all MPs will abide by this proposed amendment,” said the Pasir Mas MP.

In winding up, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz rejected Bung Mokhtar’s proposal that the amendment to the Standing Orders be expanded to include provocative statements.

“I think this cannot be accepted as provocation is normal. It adds the spice in the Parliamentary debate,” he said.

However, Nazri agreed that gender sensitive courses be conducted for all parliamentarians.

“The parliament will take into consideration Siti Zailah’s suggestion. This can be brought up in another motion, as I agree that all MPs including the speaker and his deputy can attend,” said the minister.

The amendment was then passed unanimously by the MPs at 2.54pm.

Pemimpin-pemimpin PKR bersama rakyat untuk hentikan Lynas

Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, naib presiden PKR dan MP Kuantan YB Fuziah Salleh, pengerusi bersama Bersih 3.0 Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan bersama-sama kumpulan pejalan kaki #StopLynas meneruskan perjalanan dari Maju Junction ke Dataran Merdeka.

PKR president Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR vice-president cum Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh and Bersih 3.0 co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan joining the #StopLynas marchers from Maju Junction to Dataran Merdeka.

人民公正党全国主席拿督斯里旺阿兹莎医生、人民公正党全国副主席兼关丹国会议员傅芝雅和净选盟联合主席安美嘉律师从Maju Junction加入“停止莱纳斯”绿色苦行队伍向独立广场前进。

Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismai, Naib Presiden PKR & MP Kuantan YB Fuziah Salleh, Bendahari Agung PKR & MP Selayang YB William Leong dan Ahli MPP PKR & EXCO Selangor YB Elizabeth Wong

20,000 aktivis Himpunan Hijau hampiri Dataran

Lee Long Hui, Zulaikha Zulkifli & Lu Wei Hoongn
2:02PM Nov 25 2012

green march reaching dataran 251112 crowd 02Dianggarkan 20,000 aktivis berjaya meneruskan perarakan jalan kaki menuju Dataran Merdeka walau pihak berkuasa melakukan sekatan di kawasan tumpuan popular itu.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 6Perarakan hari ini melibatkan jarak terakhir sejauh 42 kilometer daripada kawasan bekas ibu pejabat PAS di Gombak – tempat mereka bermalam pada malam tadi.

Ia dimulakan dengan penyertaan seramai 2,000 aktivis, termasuk beberapa keluarga, dikawal anggota unit amal PAS dengan pemerhatian anggota polis.

Seorang peserta, BC Tan, 30, dari Pulau Pinang yang menginap di Markaz Tarbiyah PAS, Taman Melewar malam tadi, beliau berasa terharu apabila mereka disambut baik untuk bermalam di sana.

“Bagus. Tempat itu semua kemudahan ada. Kita juga Disambut baik.

“Saya terharu dapat duduk sana sebab jarang pergi,” katanya yang mula mengikuti perarakan ini dari Taman Rimba, Gombak.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112 hulaKumpulan itu mengibarkan bendera Himpunan Hijau dan melaungkan slogan “Hentikan Lynas” sepanjang perjalanan melalui Lebuhraya DUKE, Kampung Railway dan Sentul Pasar.

Antara yang menarik perhatian orang ramai ialah seorang peserta dari Pahang, yang memulai perarakan dari Kampung Awah di Pahang dengan memusingkan gegelung hula hoop di badannya.

Katanya, beliau akan berhenti memusingkan ketika berhenti rehat.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd“Saya tak berhenti dari Kampung Awah. Saya pusingkan benda ini. Bila makan baru saya berhenti,” katanya.

Ketika berhenti rehat di Kampung Railway, ketua kumpulan berkenaan Wong Tack dalam ucapannya memberi pesanan bahawa Dataran Merdeka bukanlah destinasi mereka yang terakhir.

“Kita akan bermalam di sana dan menunggu matahari terbit esok,” katanya.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112Beberapa kumpulan lagi menyertai kumpulan besar itu beberapa lokasi sekitar laluan perarakan – menjadikan jumlah peserta bertambah kepada 5,000 orang.

Kumpulan berkenaan seterusnya melalui Jalan Sentul, Jalan Ipoh dan Jalan Tun Razak dengan disambut dengan bunyi hon oleh pengguna kenderaan di jalan berkenaan.

Kumpulan seramai 5,000 orang itu kemudiannya dianggarkan bertambah menjadi 10,000 orang apabila bergabung dengan satu kumpulan lagi di persimpangan Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman dan Jalan Sultan Ismail di pusat Bandar Kuala Lumpur.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112Jumlah itu kemudiannya meningkat kepada 20,000 orang apabila kumpulan berkenaan tiba di persimpangan Jalan Perak – Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman pada kira-kira jam 5.30 petang.

Kumpulan berkenaan seterusnnya membanjiri sepanjang Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman dan kawasan sekitar kawasan Dataran Merdeka memandkan lokasi berkenaan ditutup pihak berkuasa.

Turut dilihat dalam perarakan itu ialah para pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dan juga pengerusi bersama BERSIH Datuk S Ambiga.

[Baca berita penuh]

20,000 join green march against Lynas

Lee Long Hui
12:19PM Nov 25, 2012

Himpunan Hijau activists have completed their 300km journey on foot from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur as a sign of protest against the Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang.

From 70 participants, there gruadually gained momentum and by the time the group reached Dataran Merdeka, an estimated 20,000 people had joined in.

By about 5.20pm, Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack announced to the crowd that the march was a massive success because Malaysians from all walks of life participated.

“You have come forward… Malaysia has come forward… ,” he said.

Wong and a few of his comrades will be spending the night near police barricades. He said Himpunan Hijau would leave it to the public to decide whether to follow suit.

The final leg of the journey involved a 22km trek from PAS’ former headquarters in Gombak, where some 2,000 participants spent the night, to Dataran Merdeka.

Live reports of today’s march follow:

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 611.15am – Gombak – Some 2,000 people, including several families, are marching from PAS’ former headquarters in Gombak towards the city centre.

PAS’ unit amal members are controlling the traffic flow while a handful of police personnel nearby are keeping watch.

It is a sunny Sunday morning and the marchers are in high spirits.

11.30am – Gombak – The crowd sized is growing and they are marching along the DUKE Highway towards Kampung Railway, Sentul for a short break.

Many participants are holding the national flag and Himpunan Hijau’s flag. They are repeatedly chanting “Stop Lynas”.

They are also receiving a morale boost from many motorist who are honking in support.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 411.57am –Sentul – The group is now approaching Sentul and are pressing on under the sweltering heat. Many are armed with umbrellas and straw hats.

12.22am –Sentul – Now approaching Jalan Sentul Pasar where many participants are buying water from petrol stations to stay cool. They are hoping to arrive at Kampung Railway – their final rest stop – on schedule before heading off again at 2pm.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 312.49pm –Sentul – March participants were given a warm welcome at Kampung Railway at a PKR Deepavali event, organised by the Batu PKR division.

This particular stop was not part of the group’s itinerary.

The group were ushered towards the buffet lines by Batu MP Tian Chua. They are taking a short group before heading off to the Sentul KTM station, a rendevous point.

It is estimated that the crowd is now 3,000 strong.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 21.24pm –Sentul – The group finally reaches Kampung Railway, Sentul which is final stop before entering the city centre.

Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack addresses the crowd and reminds them to show discipline.

“We will be at Dataran in few hours later, when we arrive, that’s not the final destination, that’s only our place to rest our foot, and than we will move forward,” he said.

Wong insist that the group will stay spend a night at Dataran Merdeka tonight and urge the public to visit them so they can have a dialogue session.

“We will spend a night there and wait for the sunrise tomorrow,” he added.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 2511122:15pm– Sentul – PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar was spotted at the Batu PKR division open house event and is seen mingling with the march participants.

2.20pm – Sentul – Participants are on the move again, this time heading towards the Sentul KTM Komuter station and the Titiwangsa Monorail station which are designated rendevous points with other groups.

Joining the march is Nurul Izzah and Batu PAS division chief Ishak Surin.

himpunan hijau green walk crowd2.27pm – Sentul – A man identified only as Ahmad, 44, from Kuantan, tellsMalaysiakini that his decision to participate in the gruelling trek was obvious.

“Of course (I need to be here). This is my homeland. Don’t you think that thing (rare earth refinery) is dangerous? You do not need to ask (such a question),” said the miffed activist.

2.47pm – Sentul – About 500 people are marching from the Sentul Monorail. They are trying to meet up with the main group.

3.01pm  – Sentul – March participants are slowly making their way along Jalan Sentul towards Jalan Tun Razak while steadily growing in numbers.

The latest estimate is 5,000. The weather appears to be holding up. They are expected to arrive at Dataran Merdeka at 4pm.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511123.04pm – Jalan Tun Razak – Some participants are waiting at the Titiwangsa Monorail station for the main group to arrive.

Among them is Tan Mei Yin (right), 23, who took a 3-hour bus from Segamat, Johor, to join the rally. She says that she has prepared for police action.

“I prepared salt, towel, water… this is for the future of my children,” said Tan, who is dressed in green and also prepared a yellow scarf.

3.22pm – Sentul – Rohaidah Mohammad from Bandar Tun Razak, is joining the march this afternoon with her husband and three kids in tow.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112 rohaidahThe took the KTM Komuter to reach the Sentul station and almost immediately was able to join the main group.

The mother of three said that the reason they support the walk is they don’t want their children to stay in a unhealthy environment.

“When they grow up, I want them to know that we’ve done something for them, and whether we can achieve our target or not is second,” said the 36-year-old.

3.25pm – Jalan Ipoh – Adam Adli is spotted leading a group of students chanting slogans.

Another participant, BC Tan, 30, from Penang told Malaysiakini that he appreciated the warm hospitality that he received at PAS’ former headquarters where he and many others spent the night.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112 hula“That place was nice. It had all the facilities we need. We were treated well,” said Tan.

Another participant that is turning many heads is one man who said he has been spinning a hula-hoop around his waist since he joined the march at Kampung Awa, Pahang.

The man, who declined to be named, said he only stops spinning during breaks.

3.45pm – Chow Kit – The participants are now in the Chow Kit area and are inching their way closer towards Dataran Merdeka.

3.50pm – Chow Kit – Chong Mee Chin from Pontian Johor says she has been marching for the past three days, with her dog Fei Fei.

But for the final leg of the march, the 38-year-old lady said Fei Fei is going to piggyback all the way to Dataran Merdeka.

“He has been walking for the past two days, he’s very tired now, so I’ve decided not to let him walk,” she told Malaysiakini.

Chong said that she didn’t stay overnight at PAS former headquarters at Gombak last night because she had to care for her dog.

“I am carrying a dog, so I slept somewhere else. I don’t even enter their building, to show respect to Muslim,” she said.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511124.00pm – Jalan TAR – Participants are now taking two lanes of the busy Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and are about 2km away from Dataran Merdeka.

4.15pm – Jalan TAR – The main group has finally made it to Maju Junction Mall, where they are greeted by a few hundred green-shirts waiting to join in. They are now just a short walk away from Dataran Merdeka.

There are reports of heavy police presence behind the Sultan Abdul Samad building.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511124.20pm – Jalan TAR – There is a bit of rain here but the crowd is growing exponentially. Latest estimate: 10,000.

4.23pm – Jalan TAR – March participants now occupy the entire width of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman as the police and PAS unit amal volunteers prevent vehicles from entering the road after Maju Junction Mall.

As the rain is beginning to fall, many participants are putting on rain coats and opening up their umbrellas while marching with high spirit.

4.30pm – Jalan TAR – The march is now going pass Sogo shopping complex. Dataran Merdeka is just a few minutes ahead.

Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan is spotted among the crowd.

4:53pm– Dataran Merdeka – The crowd is swelled to well over 15,000 now and they are currently grouped up near the northern most tip of Dataran Merdeka.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112It appears that Jalan Parlimen and Jalan Tun Perak, which is perpendicular to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, has been blocked off to motorists.

This has allowed march participants and tourists to flood the streets at the very location that Bersih 3.0 was dispersed back in April 28.

The rain has ceased but the weather may not hold.

himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511125.00pm – Dataran Merdeka – The police are manning two layers of barricades at the northern most point of the Sultan Abdul Samad building.

Himpunan Hijau activists are creating their own human barricade in order to create a substantial buffer between march participants and the police.

5:05pm– Dataran Merdeka – Human Rights Commission member James Nayagam said the police had asked him to become the intermediary to talk to Himpunan Hijau supporters.

green march reaching dataran 251112 crowd 01He said that the police had promised not to take action unless the barricade was breached.

5.20pm Dataran Merdeka – March participants appear to be just idling while waiting for march leaders to decide on the next course of action.

Many were sitting on the Jalan Parlimen-Jalan Tun Perak-Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman junction which would be normally be choking with traffic.

green march reaching dataran 251112 wong tack speech 035.25pm Dataran Merdeka – Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack is triumphantly hoisted on top of a parked car to address the crowd.

He thanked Malaysians for showing support for the movement.

“You have come forward… Malaysia has come forward… ,” he said.

5.37pm – Dataran Merdeka – Dang Wangi district police chief Zainuddin Ahmad announces through the loudhailer that rally organisers will be investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act for failing to seek permission for the event.

green march reaching dataran 251112 crowd 02Zainuddin warned that investigations will be conducted under Section 9 (1) of the law and action can be taken under Section 9 (5) of the same law.

There is tension in the air as the authorities finally react.

Wong Tack responds by addressing Himpunan Hijau supporters again.

He said that throughout the 300km journey, doors were opened to march participants. But at Dataran Merdeka, the field is closed to them.

green march reaching dataran 251112 crowd 035.45pm Dataran Merdeka – Tensions have cooled after Wong Tack’s speech and rows of police personnel sat down. Many participants are finding places to sit as the rain begins to pour.

Wong is addressing reporters now.

6.00pm – Dataran Merdeka – Wong Tack says he and a few of his followers will be sitting in front of the barricade until 9am the next morning.

“This (march) is not organised by any organisation. I am here as an individual. You are all here as individuals.

“I am responsible for myself and I will sit here. And you can all choose to sit here, or not,” he announced.

[More to follow]

Reporting by Lee Long Hui, Zulaikha Zulkifli and Lu Wei Hoong.

两万绿衫军群聚广场外围 黄德激动演讲“终于到了”


2012年11月25日 中午12点34分



(《当今大马》采访团队是李龙辉、Zulaikha Zulkifli与刘伟鸿)

绿色苦行队伍是在上午11点许,从鹅唛的伊斯兰党旧总部出发。他们预计将在下午2点前抵达甘榜铁路(Kampung Railway)稍作休息。

himpunan hijau green walk crowd at taman melewar 251112 2接着,他们将再出发朝隆市心脏地带迈进,预计下午3点抵达Maju Junction,并在4点抵达独立广场。






green march reaching dataran 251112 wong tack speech 03下午5点半:黄德在空理法师与依萨苏林的陪同下,站在一辆车子上向群众发言。他激动表示,苦行队伍穿越了15个大城小镇后,终于抵达独立广场。



green march reaching dataran 251112 crowd 035点20分:在独立广场,集会者坐在地上或站在一旁,等待领袖们的指示,以决定下一步行动。


5点05分:在独立广场,人权委员会委员詹姆斯(James Nayagam)表示,警方要求他充当中间人角色,向绿衫军洽谈。



himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112不过,苦行者志工团也在广场外围的10公尺处组起人墙,以免有人闯入广场。据记者观察,没有任何苦行者挑衅警方。





himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511124点50分:民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥抵步,受到集会者拍掌欢呼。





himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511124点半:在东姑阿都拉曼路,苦行者如今正经过Sogo商场。随着下起毛毛雨,许多人纷纷拿出雨伞及雨衣,但士气仍然高昂,正往独立广场方向前进。


himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 2511124点20分:在东姑阿都拉曼路,天开始飘起细雨,但苦行队士气越来越高昂。根据《当今大马》估计,人潮已经突破1万人。

随着苦行大队抵达Maju Junction商场之后,净选盟联合主席安美嘉也在这里加入游行队伍。

4点15分:在东姑阿都拉曼路,苦行大队终于抵达Maju Junction商场。这里是他们的其中一个休息站,下一站就是终点——独立广场。










himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112 hula一名来自槟城的30岁集会者BC Tan告诉《当今大马》,他非常感谢伊斯兰党昨晚借出旧总部,供他及队友过夜。



himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112 rohaidah3点22分:在冼都,一名马来妇女罗海达(左图右2,Rohaidah Mohammad)携同丈夫与3名孩子,从吉隆坡敦拉萨镇前来出席集会。





himpunan hijau dataran merdeka 251112其中一名参与者陈美芸(23岁,右图),特地从柔佛昔加末乘搭3小时巴士,前来参加绿色苦行。






himpunan hijau green walk crowd2点27分:在冼都,一名马来男子接受《当今大马》访问时表示,他参与这次的游行,原因不言而喻,只因为这里是他的家园。




努鲁依莎与伊斯兰党峇都区部主席依萨(Ishak Surin)也随着大队一同挺进。

2点15分:在冼himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112都,人民公正党副主席努鲁依莎(左图)出席该党峇都区部主办的屠妖节庆典。她与苦行者问候打招呼,展现亲民态度。



himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 4黄德表示,苦行队伍将在独立广场过夜,并邀请公众今晚到广场,与他们对话。





himpunan hijau green walk crowd at taman melewar 251112 1大队经过冼都巴刹路,引起当地人的注意。




himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 611点57分:在鹅唛,苦行队伍正踏出大使淡江大道(DUKE),即将抵达冼都。







himpunan hijau green walk crowd at duke highway 251112 5上午11点15分:在鹅唛,绿色苦行队员已经从伊党旧总部出发。他们由黄德率领,人潮突破2000人,目前正在大路上缓缓行进。



Usaha Berterusan Untuk Cemar Imej YB Fuziah Salleh

Friday, November 23, 2012, 10:00am
YB Fuziah berkunjung di Pasar Tani bersama AMK

YB Fuziah berkunjung di Pasar Tani bersama AMK

Terdapat usaha-usaha pihak tertentu untuk mendatangkan keraguan di kalangan masyarakat khususnya di Parlimen Kuantan bahawa KEADILAN kini tergugat untuk mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Kuantan di dalam PRU ke 13 tidak beberapa lama lagi.  Lebih menariknya, pihak berkenaan menggunakan isu perkauman kononnya Ahli Parlimen Kuantan sekarang, YB Fuziah Salleh mengabaikan masyarakat kaum Melayu.

YB Fuziah berdailog bersama Persatuan Nelayan Kuantan

YB Fuziah berdailog bersama Persatuan Nelayan Kuantan

YB Fuziah bertemu nelayan dan mendengar permasalahan mereka

YB Fuziah bertemu nelayan dan mendengar permasalahan mereka

Usaha ini bukan cerita baru kerana pihak yang sama juga pernah melakukan perkara yang sama iaitu cuba untuk menanamkan keraguan di kalangan penyokong-penyokong Pakatan Rakyat di Parlimen Indera Mahkota.  Dakwaan mereka kononnya berlaku ‘perang besar’ atau ‘permusuhan’ di antara penyandang kerusi Parlimen Indera Mahkota, YB Azan Ismail dengan Pengerusi KEADILAN Negeri Pahang, Dato’ Fauzi Abd Rahman juga dikaitkan dengan YB Fuziah Salleh.  Nampaknya mereka tidak akan berpuas hati selagi mereka tidak melihat perpecahan berlaku di kedua-dua Parlimen yang dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat khususnya KEADILAN di situ.

YB Fuziah bertemu masyarakat

YB Fuziah bertemu masyarakat

YB Fuziah mendengar keluhan mereka

YB Fuziah mendengar keluhan mereka

Sebelum itu, pihak berkenaan telah memburukkan nama YB Azan Ismail kononnya beliau tidak layak lagi dicalonkan bertanding di Indera Mahkota atas alasan Ahli Parlimen Indera Mahkota ini jarang melawat kawasannya. Sedangkan semua faham bahawa YB Azan Ismail telah dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjadi Pengerusi KEADILAN Terengganu, namun segala aktiviti dan program di Indera Mahkota tetap berjalan dengan rancak samada dilaksanakan oleh Pemangku Ketua Cabang Indera Mahkota berserta AJK-AJKnya termasuk dari AMK sendiri, bahkan dibantu oleh rakan sekutu dari PAS Kawasan.  Tidak timbul masalah Parlimen Indera Mahkota terabai selepas KEADILAN mencapai kemenangan.

Kuat memperjuangkan Isu Lynas, menjadikan YB Fuziah terkenal di kalangan kaum Cina tetapi bukan bererti beliau meminggirkan kaum Melayu di Kuantan

YB Fuziah melawat dan memberikan sumbangan kepada warga emas

Selepas itu, mereka membawa cerita baru pula yang mana mereka menamakan YB Azan Ismail adalah calon terbaik di Indera Mahkota.  Jelas di sini apakah objektif pihak berkenaan selain dari cuba untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan di kalangan Pakatan Rakyat, khususnya KEADILAN.  Sepertimana yang telah ditegaskan oleh Pengerusi KEADILAN Pahang, Dato’ Fauzi Abd Rahman bahawa KEADILAN komited akan mempertahankan kedua-dua kerusi berkenaan tidak kira siapakah calon yang dinamakan oleh Pusat.

Setelah mereka gagal memainkan propaganda memecahbelahkan pimpinan KEADILAN, kini mereka terpaksa menggunakan isu perkauman sepertimana yang sering dimainkan oleh Umno selama ini.  Mereka mendakwa YB Fuziah Salleh lebih memberi tumpuan kepada kaum Cina dan meminggirkan kaum Melayu.  Mungkin mereka tertinggal maklumat atau sengaja melupakannya bahawa YB Fuziah Salleh kerap mengadakan berbagai program dan lawatan kepada masyarakat Melayu termasuk kaum Nelayan di kawasan Parlimen Kuantan.  Jika mereka ikhlas, mereka boleh mendapatkan maklumat dan fakta tentang beberapa program yang dijalankan oleh Ahli Parlimen ini khusus untuk kaum Melayu di Pusat Khidmat Parlimen Kuantan.

YB Fuziah mesra dan mudah didekati tidak kira kaum

Rakyat di kedua-dua kawasan elit Kuantan ini tidak lagi memandang isu perkauman di dalam fokus mereka untuk menjatuhkan Umno/Bn.  KEADILAN bersama rakan-rakan di dalam Pakatan Rakyat kini telah bersedia untuk berdepan dengan musuh samada Umno mahu pun MCA di kedua-dua kerusi ini.  Sekiranya benar ada yang mahu berada di gelanggang yang sama atas kapasiti Bebas bagi meraikan demokrasi, KEADILAN amat-amat mengalukannya.