Court puts Lynas plant licence on hold, says lawyer

1:48PM Oct 10, 2012

A Malaysian court has kept on hold a licence granted to Lynas Corp Ltd’s controversial rare earth plant, delaying until next month a decision on whether it will consider judicial reviews aimed at permanently blocking production, a lawyer said.

Hon Kai Ping, a lawyer for the environmental group involved in the case, said the decision had been delayed by the court until Nov 8.

Activists linked to the environmental group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas want the Kuantan High Court to suspend the licence until two judicial review cases challenging the government’s decision allowing the plant to operate are heard.

The temporary operating licence granted to Lynas has been on hold since Sept 25.

– Reuters

再度延长冻结莱纳斯营运准证 高庭下月裁决是否发出暂缓令


2012年10月10日 下午1点48分




关丹高庭法官玛丽亚娜(Mariana Yahya)原定是在今日早上裁决三项申请,即:







第一项申请是由拯救大马委员会主席陈文德和两名关丹居民赛卡立(Syed Khalid Syed Sulaiman)与哈希玛(Hasimah Ramli)提出,挑战原子能执照局今年1月批准临时营运准证于稀土厂的决定。

第二项则是由拯救大马委员会副主席依斯迈(Ismail Abu Bakar)和关丹居民陈亚明提出,挑战麦西慕今年6月驳回3名关丹居民上诉的决定。


Good move but conditions questioned

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2012 – 14:18

 statement by the Election Commission that Malaysians residing overseas may be allowed to vote in the general election, subject to conditions, received mixed response.

Bersih steering committee Maria Chin Abdullah:

“It is good the Election Commission (EC)  finally put it through to Parliament but it is unconstitutional for EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof to limit the voting rights to Malaysians who have returned in the last five years. The process of voting must also be made clear and transparent. The EC must hold a public consultation or overseas voting will be a mess, especially if it is limited to a few countries only. Currently, some embassies do not have forms, etc, so there needs to be a proper briefing at the embassy level, too. The decision has come very late because the process needs a year to prepare so people understand it. The issue was initially raised last year. These voters are being termed postal voters, thus EC needs to define this category clearly. The decision must not be withdrawn at the last minute like what they did with the indelible ink last GE.”

Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice president and former elections director Fuziah Salleh:

“I see this move as pulling wool over the voters’ eyes. While the move is welcomed, the EC should not deny these Malaysians their rights by placing a condition requiring them to return once in five years. This is unnecessary because the fact these 20,000 Malaysians have registered to vote proves their loyalty to the country. While the decision has come late, because if it is gazetted by December, it only gives voters abroad two months to return to fulfill the requirement. With this hidden clause, the amendment makes no difference to overseas voters. It is merely a move to satisfy those of us who have been calling for this amendment. The EC and BN are afraid that those overseas who have been exposed to a more sophisticated democracy will add to our (PKR) advantage.”

DAP strategist Ong Kian Ming:

“Although, in principle, it is a good move, my concern is that overseas embassies won’t be pro-active enough in registering voters. For example, while overseas Malaysians are currently eligible to vote as postal voters even without such legislation changes, these embassies have yet to set any standards in enabling students to vote. Also, I feel many overseas voters may not be registered in time for the upcoming elections, as there appears to be no political will to enforce the amendments in embassies. The Election Commission needs to clearly communicate the guidelines and publish them online, especially in major embassies in which there are many Malaysians.”

PAS elections director Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli:

“This is a proposal originally tabled during a recent Parliamentary Select Committee meeting, in which I observed little real effort in enabling overseas voting. I am also sceptical as to whether the amendments will be properly implemented, whether it’s for postal voters or at Malaysian embassies overseas. Furthermore, I heard about the recent announcement from Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz about how six of the 32 proposals in the Special Election Committee report could not be implemented. I am unsure as to how effective the amendments will be overall.”

‘Don’t be a fool, support SMSL’

3:33PM Oct 9, 2012

The Stop Lynas Save Malaysia (SMSL) movement has taken out a full-page advertisement urging the public to turn up at the Kuantan High Court tomorrow to support its legal action against the government.

Justice Mariana Yahya will decide whether or not to grant SMSL’s application to suspend the temporary occupation licence awarded to the Lynas Advance Material Plant (Lamp), pending the disposal of two judicial review applications.

NONESMSL has urged the public to sacrifice two hours of their time between 8am and 10am to turn up at the court to show their opposition of Lamp to the local and foreign media.

“Let them witness our resolve. Let the relevant authorities feel pressured.  Don’t let Lynas destroy our beautiful country,” reads the advertisement, which appeared in the China Presseast coast edition today.

It asserts that those who believe the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) – that toxic waste generated by the rare earths refinery can be exported and that the government is being transparent – are “fools”.

“If people are treating you like a fool and are gambling with your family’s lives, what should you do?” asked SMSL.

Once fully operational,  Lamp will be the biggest rare earths refinery outside China.

Howeve, this has invoked fear and painful memories of the radiation contamination at a similar refinery at Bukit Merah, Perak in the 1980s.

The federal government has given an assurance that Lynas plant is safe and promised that its waste will be exported, although details have yet to be provided.

YouTube – Malaysian rare earth plant decision delayed

By BBC News Asia

4 October 2012 Last updated at 21:42 GMT


A Malaysian court has delayed a decision in an ongoing battle over a rare earth plant opposed by environmental groups.

Rare earths are a collection of metals used in many consumer electronics.

In September, Australian miner Lynas was granted the license to operate a rare earth refinery in Malaysia’s eastern state of Pahang.

However, activists filed an injunction saying toxic waste from the plant would harm the environment.

The court said it would now rule on the activists’ challenge on 10 October.

Jonathan Head reports from Kuantan.

下周三裁决暂缓稀土厂申请 法官延长冻结营运准证六天


2012年10月4日 下午2点29分



NONE关丹高庭法官玛丽亚娜(Mariana Yahya)裁定在10月10日早上8点30分,就三项申请作裁决,即:





早前,“拯救大马”委员会取得临时暂缓令(interim stay),冻结莱纳斯稀土厂所取得的临时营运准证长达10天,直到10月4日。




第一项申请是由拯救大马委员会主席陈文德和两名关丹居民赛卡立(Syed Khalid Syed Sulaiman)与哈希玛(Hasimah Ramli)提出,挑战原子能执照局今年1月批准临时营运准证于稀土厂的决定。

第二项则是由拯救大马委员会副主席依斯迈(Ismail Abu Bakar)和关丹居民陈亚明提出,挑战麦西慕今年6月驳回3名关丹居民上诉的决定。



Court postpones decision on Lynas TOL until Oct 10

1:41PM Oct 4, 2012

A Malaysian court kept on hold the licence granted to Lynas Corp Ltd’s controversial rare earth plant by delaying until Oct 10 a decision on whether it will consider judicial reviews to permanently block production.

azlanThe Australian company said that the Kuantan High Court’s decision leaves the temporary operating licence (TOL) suspended until Oct 10, extending a one-week halt that expired today.

The rare earth plant – the biggest outside China – has been ready to fire up since early May, but the company has been embroiled in environmental and safety disputes with local residents since construction began two years ago.

The plant is considered important to breaking China’s grip on the processing of rare earths, which are used in products ranging from smartphones to hybrid cars.

Activists linked to the environmental group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas, who had asked for the postponement, want the court to suspend the temporary licence until two judicial review cases
challenging the government’s decision allowing the plant to operate are heard.

Shares in the firm fell 1.2 percent to A$0.845 at 0454 GMT, down 6 percent from where they stood before the court decision.

“We’re staying optimistic,” Tan Bun Teet, a spokesperson for the group, told Reuters after the court decision.

“The court has set an early hearing for Oct 10 and it looks like they want to resolve it quickly,” he added.

The group’s previous attempts to stop the plant had failed.

Lynas received a temporary operating licence for the long-delayed US$800 million rare earth plant early in September, enabling it to start production as early as October.

Protests over possible radioactive residue have drawn thousands of people and the project has become a hot topic ahead of an election that must be held by early next year.

– Reuters

Pakatan anjur himpunan mega 3 Nov tuntut p’raya bersih, adil

KUALA LUMPUR 3 Oktober: Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) akan menganjurkan himpunan mega di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil pada 3 November depan.

Dengan tema ‘Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat’, Pakatan mensasarkan kehadiran sejuta rakyat.

Timbalan Presiden PAS, Mohammad Sabu atau dikenali Mat Sabu berkata, himpunan itu bertujuan untuk menggesa lapan tuntutan Gabungan Menuntut Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih) yang hampir tidak dihiraukan langsung oleh kerajaan Umno BN dan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR).

Beliau berkata, dua perkara pokok harus diberi penekanan oleh pemerintah terutama daftar pemilih yang bersih dan media yang langsung tidak berubah.

Mat Sabu berkata, kempen mengutuk himpunan Bersih 3.0 berterusan di media perdana sedangkan pendengaran awam di Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) menunjukkan bagaimana anggota keselamatan langsung tidak mengikuti prosedur operasi standad (SOP) ketika mengendalikan himpunan pada 28 April lalu.

“Oleh kerana keadaan berterusan dan lapan tuntutan oleh rakyat tidak dihiraukan, maka kami perlu lagi satu himpunan pada 3 November nanti iaitu Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat,” katanya dipetik Harakah Daily.

Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang media di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

Menurutnya, himpunan itu akan melibatkan Pakatan Rakyat, badan bukan kerajaan dan rakyat di luar sana untuk menuntut seterusnya menyambung tuntutan Bersih yang mahukan pilihan raya bebas dan telus.

“Apa terus meragukan misalnya ditemui 60,000 daftar pemilih pos yang tanpa proses semakan, yang perlu dijelaskan oleh SPR.

“Bagaimana hendak adakan pilihan raya, sedangkan daftar pemilih dan juga penglibatan pengeluaran Mykad palsu yang ditemui begitu ketara sekali,” kata Mat Sabu lagi.

Justeru, Pakatan bimbang SPR boleh mengendalikan pilihan raya yang bersih untuk pilihan raya umum kali ini.

Hadir sama dalam sidang media itu, Ahli Parlimen Rantau Panjang, Siti Zailah Mohd Yusof, Siti Mariah Mahmud (Kota Raja), Fuziah Salleh (Kuantan), Anthony Loke (Rasah), Tian Chua (Batu) dan Ketua Koordinator Jingga 13, Fariz Musa.

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Pemilik IC palsu pengundi Parlimen Sepanggar dan Pasir Gudang

(Oleh Aedi Asri)

KUALA LUMPUR 2 Oktober: Naib Presiden KEADILAN, Fuziah Salleh mendedahkan dua nama individu dimasukkan dalam data senarai daftar pemilih Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), walaupun mereka didapati bersalah oleh mahkamah kerana memiliki kad pengenalan palsu.

“Nama pertama adalah Hassanuddin bin Manna, warga Filipina yang didaftarkan mengundi di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Karambunai dalam Parlimen Sepanggar.

“Nama kedua pula adalah Salleh Samsul, yang memiliki kad pengenalan dari Sabah dan mengundi di DUN Permas dalam Parlimen Pasir Gudang,” jelasnya pada sidang media di Parlimen hari ini.

“Ini bukan tuduhan, tetapi mereka didapati bersalah di mahkamah,” tegas Fuziah sambil menunjukkan salinan semakan daftar pemilih SPR dan laporan akhbar tentang keputusan mahkamah itu.

Turut hadir dalam sidang media itu, Ahli Parlimen Sepanggar, Datuk Eric Majimbun; Ahli Parlimen Tuaran, Datuk Seri Wilfred Bumburing dan Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua.

Akhbar Daily Express di Sabah pada 26 September lalu melaporkan, Hassanuddin, 37 memberitahu mahkamah beliau membeli MYkad palsu itu pada harga RM1,000 melalui rakannya, dengan nombor siri 741029-12-5463.

Beliau dijatuhi hukuman penjara setahun dan denda RM3,000 atau penjara sebulan kerana memiliki dokumen palsu oleh Majistret, Norhamizah Shaifuddin.

Manakala laporan mengenai Salleh juga dilaporkan di akhbar sama edisi 21 September.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz pagi tadi ketika menjawab soalah Wilfred berkata, kemasukan warga asing di Sabah tidak mengancam keselamatan negara.

“Ini kerana pemantauan dan penguatkuasaan berterusan badan kerajaan seperti Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia dan Ikatan Relawan Malaysia (Rela),” katanya lagi.

Menempelak jawapan tersebut, Ahli Parlimen Kuantan itu berkata, warga asing yang memiliki kad pengenalan palsu ternyata mengancam keselamatan negara.

“Mereka mencuri hak dan harapan rakyat Malaysia (kerana) dibenarkan memilih pemimpin negara,” kecam Fuziah.

Dalam pada itu, Tian Chua mendesak kerajaan Umno BN supaya menjalankan siasatan dan segera menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja (RCI) serta membersih daftar pemilih sebelum pilihan raya akan datang.

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