Lynas Executive Chairman Nicholas Curtis and Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh Open Meeting on 1st July 2011

Dear Members of the Media,

Please find attached:

1) Lynas Executive Chairman reply to my call for an open meeting dated 27th June 2011
Lynas Chairman reply to Kuantan MP call for an open meeting dated 27th June 2011


2) My reply to Lynas Executive Chairman dated 29th June 2011
Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh’s reply to Lynas Chairman Nick Curtis 29th June 2011

As you can see from Nick Curtis’s reply, he is not in favour of an open meeting.

Please also note that I stand firm on my call for an open meeting and will not proceed unless the conditions are met. I’m consistent in my call for openness and transparency and I am not afraid to take responsibility towards my constituents for all my words as well for all my actions.

Please do standby on Friday 1st July, 3pm in the case should the CEO of Lynas agree to an open meeting.

Thank You and Regards,

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan, Malaysia

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