AlJazeera – Malaysia Toxic Profits – Kuantan’s Rare Earth Refinery Issues

Al Jazeera’s program 101 East (Astro Channel 513) – “Malaysia Toxic Profits”

Panelist MP Kuantan YB Fuziah Salleh raises the Kuantan’s rare earth refinery issues to create local and global awareness at the following Malaysian timings (GMT+8):
– Friday (13 May 2011) – 6.30am, 5.30pm
– Saturday (14 May 2011) – 11.30am
– Monday (16 May 2011) – 12.30am

Al Jazeera’s web team will be uploading the program on their website on Saturday, after its first telecast.

You can catch it here –

You can also catch the show on Al Jazeera’s Youtube channel

Alternatively, you can follow the program on Al Jazeera’s Facebook page

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