It takes simple arithmetic to calculate the Amount of Thorium produced by Lynas as a by-product per year.

Lynas claims that it’s rare earth has 0.16%thorium. (Even this is questionable because that’s rare earth from Mt Weld as claimed by Lynas.- now we know that LAMP will also be processing rare earth from Malawi in their refinery in Kuantan)

Taking the figures that Lynas had claimed. It will mean that with 10,000 metric tonnes concentrate being processed, LAMP will produce 16 metric tonnes thorium as by- prodct .

LAMP plans to process at least 22,000 metric tonnes rare earth concentrate per year. Now wouldn’t that leaves Kuantan with 35 metric tonne of thorium accumulated per year to deal with?

That’s quite a small hill of thorium surely?

Why does Kuantan folks have to accept this radioactive by product?

Why does Lynas not ship back 35 metric tonnes of thorium per year back to Australia?

Why Australia does not want to accept the radioactive waste, and Malaysia now have to accept it?

Lynas gets away with bringing the concentrated rare earth into Malaysia as non radioactive material. Then after processing, the thorium as a radioactive waste by product is left in Kuantan.

How can the DG of AELB miss the fact that the rare earth ore is not the same as the tailings after processing.!!! The ore may have 0.16% thorium, but the waste product is surely thorium, as pure as can be.

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