Sama aje bunyinya macam: “Saya Jamin Selamat” atau ” SAFE – Can Scatter Everywhere!”

~No SAFE Dosage of Radiation~

Written by: F.A.R.E, Families Against Radioactive Exposure

“The CNSC stated two years ago that no dose of radioactivity of less than “hundreds of milliSieverts” could be dangerous, but the truth is that doses many times less than that, down to thousands of times less than that, have been shown to increase the risk of cancer. FARE has repeatedly brought this to CNSC’s attention, and attempted to explain that there is no safe dose of radiation; but for two years CNSC has denied the facts and misled the public. Again, at the recent Darlington hearings, regarding the possible additions of more nuclear power generators, the CNSC continued to convey the same information. The public needs to know that they have been misled by the CNSC.”

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