Pada Ketika soalan-soalan ini diajukan kepada saya,  saya teramat sibuk di Batu Sapi, akan tetapi saya cari masa juga untuk menjawab soalan-soalan tersebut. Masa yg digunakan ialah apabila habis berkempen setiap hari, iaitu dalam jam 3 pagi. Fathi Aris dan Adila dari malaysiakini menjadi saksi kepada perkara ini..

Below are my complete answers


1. Please provide us with a little background about yourself:

Q(a). List five strong characteristics that you feel you have.

1) Ability to make “Things Happen”.- determined, committed and work hard towards excellent achievement of targets and goals. I see oppurtunities in every obstacle and challenges that’s posed to me.

2) Applies Principle Centred Leadership style and practices ‘Value Based’ – approach to politics. Meaning I do not believe in being populist just to make people happy. I accept the fact that I may not be able to please everyone.

A Princple Centred leader acknowledges that what is wrong as wrong even though it is coming from his friends and acknowledges what is right as right even if it’s coming from the enemy

3) Caring and People-Centred in addressing issues of the public and the rakyat.

4) Has Good Communication skills and Interpersonal Skills

5) Ability to develop, train, coach, mentor other leaders as well as to help other leaders ‘realize’ the potentials in themselves.

Q(b). What do you feel are your weaknesses?

My weakness,
1) (which can also be a strength) is a ‘non projecting self’ personality. I let others take credit for what I do. Which makes it difficult for me to gain recognition for my achievements.

2) Another weakness is paperwork. Report writing and everything with admin. Needs a good PA that is able to translate my ideas into actions.

3) I always put party first above self. And I am not afraid to say what’s right and good for the party. To the extent that others may feel uncomfortable by my outrightness.

Q (c). How do you see yourself compared to the other candidates?

I see that I have an advantage. In the sense that my track record and delivery speaks for itself.

My disadvantage. Since I put party first, and am leading campaign here in Batu Sapi, I could not give myself time to campaign for my VP bid. In the situation where I am totally engrossed in the battlefield, I may be oblivious to last minute manouveres by others.

Q(d). Why do you think party members should choose you over the others who are vying for the post?

Choosing me will strengthen the VP Dept by having a VP that’s visionary, principle centred, disciplined, creative, determined, as well as deliver results in whatever that’s assigned. I believe party members should steer away from choosing a VP that will just do ceremonial task!!!
Q2. Why do you think PKR members recognise Anwar Ibrahim as their de facto leader?

(a) Do you think Anwar’s position as de facto leader is undemocratic given he is not elected to the position?

It is not a position that is enshrined in the constitution, YES!

But by definition, a leader is someone who is able to inspire, motivate and guide others towards achieving a certain goal. A leader does not need an official position or organisational structure to “make things happen”

Thus, even though he has not been elected into that position, the members still chooses to follow him due to his charismatic leadership..

And It is not undemocratic, because democracy is about rights and choices. And the members do have a choice! Either to follow or not to follow!! In this case they choose to do so!!

(b) Do you think PKR will suffer greatly if Anwar is found guilty for the latest sodomy charges?

PKR will suffer, but not greatly. PKR has to be mentally prepared to face the worst case scenario, however much the members does not want it to happen.

Hence the choice of the Deputy and VP must be given much thought! Members must choose someone who’s right for the party, not someone whom others tell them to choose or whom they like on the personal front, without looking into specific criteria.!!

I also believe that should this unwanted situation happens, the party must be able to practice collective leadership in decision making and problem solving.

3. Do you think Pakatan Rakyat can take over Putrajaya in the 13th general election? How and what are the strategies that you would suggest to win the people over to Pakatan?

I believe Pakatan Rakyat will take over Putrajaya

Performance of Pakatan Rakyat States will be pivotal to the outcome of PR taking over Putrajaya, apart from common policies and strategies.

Strategies should include

i) Sharing of common Best Practise of Good Governance in PR states to other voters in non PR states.

ii) Communication and messaging strategies in semi urban and rural areas where internet penetration is low.

4. How would you propose to control/prevent leaders/members from party-hopping?

i) Candidate selection criteria
ii) Training and accreditation program for future candidates
Iii) Training on Political Ideology and Value Based Politics. ( To a certain extent, I have started to do all the above when I was director for training through ArK -our party training academy)

5. PKR is viewed as the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat.

(a) To what extent do you think this perception is accurate?

To a certain extent there may be some truth in it. This perception may be formed due to:
i) record number of members and leaders that has hopped previously.
Ii) Lack of discipline amongst the party members and leaders – since others outside party observe that members can attack party openly in public
Iii) Weak understanding and practice of political ideology

(b) Why are PKR members considered to be the least dependable of all Pakatan parties’ members in terms of party discipline and machinery?

Discipline can only be reinforced through clear policies, organizational practise as well as implementation of those policies.

Disciplinary board must also be efficient and effective.

In short a disciplined party is achieved by using both reward and punishment methods. The carrot and the stick. Party leaders must reward the disciplined and punish those who err instead of doing the opposite. Failing to practice this will have the effects that we’re seeing now.

(c) How would you propose strengthening the unity of the party after the party elections?

I). Cooption of those who lost.
Ii) Do not be judgemental of dissenting voices.
Iii) Comsolidate weaknesses within the party.
iv) Special team building efforts.

6. Who do you prefer as deputy president: Zaid Ibrahim, Azmin Ali or Mustaffa Kamil Ayub. Please state the reason (s)

I do not think that either one of the three is the perfect candidate.
Neither does anyone of them fulfills my expectation of criteria as outlined by the Quran which is ‘Quwwah wal Amanah’. Quwwah in Arabic language means strength. While Amanah is interpreted as trustworthy as well as someone who is with credible.

If we have someone who is a good person, such as Mustaffa, with a ‘worldview’ thinking like Zaid as well as loyal, disciplined and tested through thick and thin like Azmin, that combination would be the best candidate as deputy president for me.


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