Pesanan dari Kak Wan


Pesanan dari Kak Wan

Dear friends,

I just returned from visiting DSAI at HKL. He is in because of unstable blood pressure, but sends his best regards to all.

The party leadership and I know and understand the many difficulties you all faced in the Sarawak state elections. From the lack of resources to the acts of intimidation and more, I believe you strived to do your very best.

The struggle for change is not an easy path. Some of you have recently joined us in our fight for reforms, while others have been there from the very beginning of the movement. What we collectively share is the spirit of Reformasi, whose fire I hope burns ever more brightly in these difficult times.

I have asked the leadership to identify weaknesses, to learn from our shortcomings, and to take necessary steps to correct our strategy and organizational capacity in time for the next big battle: GE14. In the mean time, the party will do what it can to assist you all.

I pray that we will be given the strength to overcome the naysayers and those who try to belittle our efforts to bring reform to Sarawak. I believe that we can – and will – overcome.

This is what I can offer and promise as we need to heal the party and be better prepared for the next battle for justice.

Thank you once again.

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail


Admin • May 10, 2016

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