PKR: More voters registered without their knowledge

Hazlan Zakaria
1:59PM Feb 19, 2013


PKR leadership council member Fuziah Salleh today put out an urgent call for Malaysians, especially new voters, to check their voting status with the Election Commission.

This, she warned, is because more and more cases are being uncovered of new voters or unregistered ones, being registered without their knowledge.

NONE“An operation to fraudulently register new (and unregistered) voters is under way.”

Fuziah (left) alleged that in what can only be “criminal conduct” by errant assistant registrars, signatures of new or unregistered voters were being “forged on falsified voter registration papers”.

“I meet with a person registered without their knowledge almost daily now,” claimed the Kuantan MP.

Asked how many cases are there that she knew of, Fuziah said “hundreds” have sent in complaints to PKR through its election complaints email.

She contends that to use forged or fraudulent information to knowingly register voters is an offence under the Election Offences Act, asking those who found their names registered without their knowledge to note on the voter’s information slip which they can obtain from the EC who had registered them and lodge a report against those named.

She urged those who believe they have been electorally cloned to lodge a police report and send in a copy of the report and their EC voter’s slip to the party so that they can mount a class action suit.

“We will appoint a team of lawyers to act on their behalf,” said Fuziah.

Fuziah explained that previously copies of ICs were needed to register as voters but the rule has been relaxed, opening up the matter to abuse by irresponsible parties who only needed to forge signatures to fraudulently register a voter.

A sharp increase in the number of newly-registered voters had been hailed by the EC as a success of its campaign to get more voters to fulfill their electoral duty, but opposition parties point to the mismatch and errors in the new registrations as being attempts at fraud or trying to insert phantom voters, especially into opposition strongholds.

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