Lynas blockade command centre launched

Nigel Aw
1:43PM Dec 23, 2012

Anti-Lynas group Himpunan Hijau will today kick off its new command centre that is expected to serve as a launchpad for future blockade action against the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp).

When contacted, Himpunan Hijau steering committee member Dr Phua Kia Yaw said the base camp  comprising of two 10 feet by 20 feet containers on a three-acre plot of land in Balok was completed in a mere 24 hours.

anti-lynas base camp 231212“It is very strategically placed, it is by one of the main roads leading into the Gebeng industrial area (where the Lamp is located).

“We will see when is their next shipment of ore, then we will plan accordingly,” he said.

He added that the base camp will also function as a planning and execution base for the movement’s activities, as well as a centre to dissemination information to rural folk.

Asked about concerns that local authorities may move in to dismantle the structures, Phua said the matter will only be addressed if it happens.

anti-lynas base camp 231212“If they (local authorities) come, we will discuss with them, but we have already spoken to the local people and they are very supportive about setting up the base camp here,” he said.

Phua said the base camp will also serve as a command centre for the movement’s upcoming anti-Lynas activity, the 300km drive campaign which will take place on New Year’s eve.

The first shipment of ore arrived on  the night of Nov 22 and made it to Lynas’ rare earth facility unhindered, with a heavy police presence.

However, Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack has vowed that the movement will blockade the factory from shipping out its products.

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