AELB can revoke TOL on LYNAS but chooses to close one eye

Fuziah Salleh's Media Statement 11 Dec 2012

Media Statement
Fuziah Salleh
11th December 2012

Lynas has breached conditions stipulated in the issuance of the Lynas TOL, but yet AELB is not taking any actions.

I refer to the Joint Ministerial Statement dated 22nd Feb 2012, which clearly stated the conditions of the TOL issued on Lynas.

Refer to item no. 5 in the Joint Ministerial Statement attached, which is copied below:-

5. As the public is aware, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) announced its decision to award a TOL to Lynas (M) Sdn Bhd on February 1st 2012. Issuance, however, is subject to the company fulfilling these five conditions:

i. Lynas is required to submit to AELB details of the plans and location of a proposed permanent disposal facility that will manage the residue, if any, generated by the factory

ii. This submission must be made within ten months from the date the TOL is issued

iii. This requirement must be complied with regardless of any alternative proposal Lynas may make for the management or disposal of the factory residue (eg. recycling, conversion into products that can be sold, etc)


From the above conditions it is very clear that Lynas has breached the conditions of the TOL since it is more than 10 months since the TOL was approved on 1st February 2012.

But yet, the Ministers choose to keep silent on this matter. Instead they are making political statements about returning the waste from Lynas just to gain popular support.

The question is, does the BN government have the political will and commitment to revoke the TOL on Lynas in view of this breach of condition? The residents of Kuantan are waiting. So are the people of Malaysia.

FUZIAH SALLEH is a PKR vice-president and member of parliament for Kuantan.

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