Himpunan Hijau to set up anti-Lynas blockade camp

the star online

Published: Wednesday November 28, 2012 MYT 5:15:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday November 28, 2012 MYT 5:59:30 PM


KUANTAN: Himpunan Hijau will set up an anti-Lynas blockade base camp to disrupt the operations of the rare earth refinery in Gebeng here.

Its chairman Wong Tack said the group was identifying a suitable location and would set up camp in Balok within the next few days.

“This base camp will serve as a command and execution centre as well as an information, exhibition and registration hub for blockade participants. The purpose is to galvanise this newfound energy we obtained from our 300km walk,” he said here Wednesday.

Wong said the group intended to block the second shipment of rare earth concentrates from arriving through the Kuantan Port and interrupt Lynas’ processing activities.

“The camp will stay there as long as Lynas is in operation. We will gather information and attack when the situation calls for it. We shall block the entire Kuantan Port and the whole industrial lane.

“Lynas may have slipped through our net once but they will not get a second chance,” said Wong.

Last Wednesday, about 100 containers of rare earth concentrate arrived at the port and were transported to the plant under police escort.

Asked whether he was afraid of police action, Wong said the people had the right to defend the environment and their homeland.

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