SMSL to picket during Lynas AGM

Wong Teck Chi
6:23PM Nov 13, 2012

The Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) coalition will hold a demonstration on Nov 20 during Lynas Corporation’s  annual general meeting in Sydney.

According to SMSL chairperson Tan Boon Teet, he and 18 others from Kuantan will lead the demonstration.

“Our mission is to send our message that we will not give up just because of a minor hurdle at the courts.

“We also want Lynas shareholders to understand our situation and not just listen to the company.

“Finally, we want their shareholders to know the risk involved – We will fight to the end. We won’t allow Lynas’ plant to operate,” he said when contacted.

Last week, the Kuantan High Court had lifted its suspension of Lynas’ temporary operating licence for its rare earth refinery in Gebeng, an industrial area north of Kuantan.

Lobbying lawmakers

Lynas has announced that the plant should be operational within three to four months.

Tan added that prior to the demonstration, he will be meeting Australian lawmakers to explain to them to repercussions of allowing Lynas to operate the plant in Gebeng.

“If Australia exports and industry which it won’t allow on its soil … it will affect Australia’s reputation,” he said.

He added that Australian lawmakers have the ability to use their legislative powers to stop the project and protect residents within the Gebeng vicinity.

Additionally, he said SMSL will be lobbying major firms to boycott Lynas’ products.

“They must know that Malaysians are the ones who will pay the price,” he said.

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