SMSL to appeal lifting of TOL suspension

5:35PM Nov 8, 2012

Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) will appeal the Kuantan High Court’s decision to lift the suspension of Lynas’ temporary operating license (TOL).

NONE“Of course we will appeal to try to get the TOL suspended again; it has always been SMSL’s intention to exhaust all legal avenues in Malaysia and Australia to stop Lynas in the interest of our future and the safety of our country.

“If our government fails us then we, the rakyat will have to do something,” stressed SMSL spokesperson Tan Bun Teet (left) in a statement issued today.

Kuantan High Court this morning lifted the suspension on Lynas’ TOL to operate the controversial rare earth plant at Gebeng, Kuantan, sending shares in the Australian company surging up to 12 percent.

Digging in with determination

Tan said SMSL will continue to work with the legal team on the appeal to reinstate the TOL suspension as soon as possible.

“If Lynas thinks that we rakyat will simply give up just like this, then it has completely underestimated how strongly we are opposed to its rare earth refinery project,” said Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, one of the concerned Kuantan residents.

Lynas through the Australian Stock Exchange had halted its share trading until Nov 12 in anticipation of a strong reaction from the market.

“We were never consulted on this project. Why should we the tax payers and the local residents be left to face the consequences of having massive amounts of radioactive and hazardous waste and the risk of pollution to our air,” Tan added.

SMSL also noted that some 200 pro-Lynas supporters in Lynas uniforms had gathered at the Kuantan High Court this morning to match that of SMSL supporters.

“It made me sad to see these Lynas workers turning up totally unaware that they will be the ones most at risk of Lynas’ inadequate radiation safety procedures and pollution control which will speedily affect the workers.

“Just because they are paid well by Lynas, they should not forget that there will be a price to pay one day!” said Ram Punusamy, a baffled Kuantan resident.

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