Kuantan MP: EC tinkering with electoral roll

Aidila Razak
2:21PM Nov 7, 2012

PKR claims that the Election Commission has been amending the electoral roll without first displaying the changes in the quarterly supplementary roll, which is open for public objection.

NONEKuantan MP Fuziah Salleh alleged that in Kuantan alone, 155 names were found to have suddenly appeared in the latest gazetted roll, while 433 names were removed.

“A large number disappeared without record while a large portion was moved to another parliamentary constituency without first being displayed (for objections),” she said.

“This is manipulation and could change the results. What if those 433 people are my voters?”

Fuziah won her seat in 2008 with a majority of 1,826 votes.

Speaking at the Parliament lobby, she said 155 names displayed to be struck off the Kuantan roll made it back into the gazetted roll even though no objection had been made to their removal.

This includes the name of 99-year-old Lee Tee, which was displayed for removal in 2011 but was found on the gazetted roll as at this morning, she said.

“We checked and her relatives informed us that she has passed away. Of the 155 in Kuantan, 130 are similar cases (to Lee’s).

“Nationwide, there are 40,786 names that had been displayed for removal, and have been re-inserted even though no objections were made against the names being removed.”

Full addresses missing

She added that the discrepancies in the roll were spotted after checks by party workers but this is difficult to do with the Election Commission now refusing to disclose full addresses of voters.

“The address listed could be number 10 of an apartment complex, but the complex may have blocks A to F, so we then have to go up and down all the blocks to find one voter,” she said.

She said that these problems faced showed that the Election Commission is not serious in cleaning up the roll and that any efforts taken are only “shut critics mouths or merely a media show”.

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