PKR launches billboards to bring message of hope

Abdul Rahim Sabri
4:54PM Nov 3, 2012

PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today launched her party’s new billboard campaign to deliver the message of hope in the run-up to the crucial 13th general election.

NONEWan Azizah said the effort aims to brighten up the coming general election campaign with messages of hope as the foundation of the opposition coalition’s theme is ‘Pakatan the Rakyat’s Hope’.

This, she said, is to counter the BN’s election campaign which she said was full of  “despicable verbal abuse”.

“We don’t have any other media. We cannot compete with BN’s TV3 and Utusan (Malaysia).

“That’s why we want to spread the message nationwide through billboards and the electronic media so that our campaign message reaches the people,” she said.

‘We pit policy against policy’

The billboards cover various issues, including the cost of living, free education, high car prices and the empowerment of women, and will be erected in prominent high-traffic locations.

NONEPKR plans to roll out 10 billboards in the first phase, and more will be deployed in phase two.

Also at the press conference, party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution said they have formed a special team to deal with the permits required for the billboard deployment.

He concurred that it was important to bring a positive tone to the upcoming election in the face of various “dirty” tactics from their opponents.

“We are consistent in fighting (BN) through policies. We pit policy against policy. We want to encourage healthy politics through positive messages for the voters,” he said.

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