Malaysia is going down the wrong way by issuing TOL to Lynas

Media Statement
MP Kuantan
5th Sept 2012.

For Immediate Release.

On the 28th of August 2012 the High Court of Kuantan granted leave on the TOL for Lynas in response to an application by a group of 5 plaintiffs from Kuantan. However while pending the hearing date by the court for a Judicial Review on the decision by the Minister to grant the license, AELB jumped the gun and issued the TOL. This has been confirmed by Lynas today.

This decision by AELB showed a complete disrespect of the decision of the court and by issuing the TOL to Lynas. AELB behaved as if they are above the law, knowing very well that there is a loophole in the period between the decision for leave and decision of judicial review itself, took advantage of the situation to issue the TOL.

The MOSTI Minister whose decision is being challenged and is the basis for the judicial review should know better than to agree on the issuance of the TOL to Lynas.

Malaysia is going down the wrong way if Ministers behave in this manner. What hope is there for the rakyat, when institutions such as the court is disregarded completely by the Minister. When Parliament is used to support a wrong decision. When the administration put profit and other interest above the lives and interest of the rakyat. Malaysia will be doomed.

Fuziah Salleh
MP Kuantan, Malaysia.
PKR National Vice President

Twitter @fuziah99

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