MISCONDUCT by TV3 reporter over Lynas – PKR’s Fuziah to take action

Press Release
Fuziah Salleh
National Vice President
Kuantan MP

19th June 2012

Re: Issue on the safety of LAMP

It is expected that the BN administration will do anything to defend their mistake in adopting a WRONG decision of accepting the presence of LAMP in Malaysia. LAMP-Lynas Advanced Material Plant which in essence is the largest rare earth refinery outside China. I would go to the extent to say that the BN administration was perhaps hoodwinked into agreeing to accept the rare earth refinery in Malaysia during the year 2007 and early 2008. It is highly probable that the authorities were not even aware of what the whole refinery was all about.

It is also something to be expected for BN to use all three branches of power, namely the executive, the judiciary as well as the legislative to support them in this WRONG decision.

On top of that the BN administration is at liberty to take advantage of the government aligned media in influencing the public into believing their perspective of the issue.

However, it is appalling to say the least, when a government aligned media allows its employee to harass a Member of Parliament through phone calls and text messages.

This is the most recent text message that I received from an employee of TV3 who incidentally has also been attacking me personally during prime time on TV3.

“Salam Yb Dr Che Rosli. Tqvm for standing up to the truth on Lynas. Your moral and professional dignity is outstanding Sir. And I respect and appreciate that highly unlike others like Fuziah who just want mati2 to be kononnya the people’s hero. Sedih saya tengok gelagat dia as an ‘educated’ person. Again tqvm Sir and if I hve offended you or caused you 2 be put in a difficult situation, saya mohon maaf dgn ikhlas. May God bless u and your deeds always. Best regards Dato’ Karam Singh Walia TV3.”

Mr Karam Singh Walia cc’ed that text message to me.
While before this, sometime early this year, he made a personal call to me and called me a liar in the case of Lynas. He even went to the extent of saying that he thinks that most probably I am in the habit of lying to my husband too. This happened in front of my husband who then saw my shocked expression.

At that time, I chose not to react to that phone call. I chose not to make a big issue since I know perfectly well that I have done nothing of the sort. But however since the harassment has started again, I have now decided to report and expose the incident. So that it will not be repeated again.

The Lynas issue is an issue which needs technical understanding. It also entails in depth research as well as consultation with experts from various disciplines. From these various consultations, I have reached a conclusion that the safety of LAMP is a multifaceted issue and cannot be determined from the perspective of radiation alone.

There are other aspects to be considered, such as public health and hazards to the environment, especially so given the close vicinity of the plant to residents, and when we are dealing with radioactive waste, a known carcinogen, that has a half live of 14 billion years.

Finally, my conclusion is that the precautionary principle must apply and that LAMP should never be allowed to operate in Gebeng, given the location and the nature of its activities which involves radioactive waste.

Difference in opinion on the safety of LAMP is bound to happen and since it is a case that involves public interest, it has gained limelight in the media.

But instead of dealing with these concerns as well as the concerns of the public, especially the concerns of the Kuantan people, the government has in fact turned a deaf ear. TV3 is at liberty to campaign against the voice of concerns.

Karam Singh Walia is just an employee. I am sure his employers are aware of his doings. The publishers of the programs are also fully aware of his doings. Both has to be held responsible for his defamatory statements and deeds.

My lawyer will follow this statement with the appropriate actions.

Thank You.
Fuziah Salleh
MP Kuantan, Malaysia.


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