Anti-Lynas protest at Dataran

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Aneesa Alphonsus
| June 25, 2012

Armed with placards, some 50 people took part in the protest held in solidarity with the Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally in Kuantan on Sunday.


KUALA LUMPUR: Over the weekend, about 50 anti-Lynas protesters gathered at Dataran Merdeka in solidarity with the 24-hour Occupy Balok-Gebeng rally held in Kuantan.

A video footage of the gathering showed about eight young adults with manila cardboard posters, pots, pans, and a guitar chanting slogans in protest of the Lynas plant.

The group, who seemed to be in high spirits, had their protest disrupted by a Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officer after a few minutes of chanting, “Rakyat geram, Lynas haram”, “Rakyat says no” and “Lynas has to go”.

In the video, the DBKL officer was heard telling the group to stop fooling around, asking them why they were troubling people.

The officer also questioned the group’s necessity to play the drums, referring to the pots and pans.

The officer was then heard sternly telling a protester that they had already been told that they were not allowed to do anything at Dataran Merdeka. Moments later, he was heard raising his voice demanding to know how many more times do they need to be told.

A protester asked that the officer speaks properly to them as they were humans to which the officer retorted, “I know you’re human beings but you’re stupid.”

Later, the ptotest resumed without incident with a group of about 15 people seen holding up a cloth banner and other posters, still chanting slogans but without the pots and pans. The event coincided with the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon.

In Kuantan, hundreds of funeral banners and makeshift billboards were speared into Balok beach grounds as Himpunan Hijau kicked off its 24-hour anti-Lynas rally.

The Occupy Balok-Gebeng event began with the group’s chairman Wong Tack delivering his address to a crowd of about 300 supporters.

He said, “Today is the beginning. Today, we galvanise our forces from all across the nation. We occupy Balok and then the whole nation.”

Joining the rally were activists from the Ban Cyanide-Gold Mining in Bukit Koman movement and Perak Anti-Radioactive Action Committee.

[Photos from Occupy Dataran Facebook]

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