BN’s “People First” administration is not interested in referring to a “Best Practice of a Rare Earth Refinery.”


Herewith is my Press Release regarding the rejection by the MOSTI Minister on the appeal by 3 Kuantan people.

16th June 2012.

The People of Kuantan is naturally disappointed with the
decision  of rejecting the appeal made by three Kuantan residents to overturn
the temporary operating licence (TOL) issued to the Lynas Advanced Materials
Plant (Lamp) by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

The decision was made by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Dr
Maximus Ongkili in a letter sent to their lawyer yesterday.

The decision was nothing unexpected. However, it clearly shows that the current regime under Najib Tun Razak has not been listening to the people, despite the people’s protest. Under normal circumstances, if the Lynas plant was not harmful to the
people’s health, the people would not want to come out under the hot sun to stage
a demonstration. The fact that they did, showed clearly that the people have
voiced their grave concerns over the way the government handles the Lynas

If LAMP were to operate in Australia, using the license issued to
Ashton Rare Earth Company (License issued in 1992) which Lynas later
acquired together with the license, Lynas would have to comply to 41
commitments. One of which is sending the radioactive waste back to the origin of the ore at Mt Weld. In fact Lynas can only keep the waste on the refinery site for a maximum of 8 days. This  is  to account for bad weather. Otherwise in normal circumstances, the radioactive waste is transported back to once produced. The  tanks that transport the ores to the refinery plant is also tasked to transport radioactive waste back to the mine.

Instead of insisting on a concrete Long Term Radioactive Waste Management Plan, the Minister has instead written two other requirements which appear to be too general in nature, and would not be able to assure the people that radioactive contamination would not occur on the site or elsewhere. This is aside from the 10 other requirements laid out by IAEA upon Lynas which are still being questioned by the public.

In the present circumstances, given no choice, the people in Kuantan who are affected may
have to take the matter further to court. The people of Kuantan will not give up that easily. As long as the  lives  of people are affected, we will
continue to fight.

In fact  it  may even end up like the Scorpene case in a foreign court. I am  not discounting the fact that the Kuantan people
may have to pursue civil suits in the Australian courts against Lynas. This, however, will be done only after the issue cannot be resolved

Thank You
Fuziah Salleh.

Fuziah Salleh
MP Kuantan, Malaysia.

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