Media Statement by Fuziah Salleh on 23rd March 2012 – A hasty cover up job will lead to another expose on EC illegal exercise…

Media Statement

Fuziah Salleh
National Vice President of People’s Justice Party (PKR)
and Member of Parliament for Kuantan, Malaysia
on 23rd March 2012

Referring to the reply by the senior EC official regarding Zarina bt Tausi, whose case was mentioned by opposition leader yesterday as an example of voters stuffed in Pekan Parliamentary constituency, it seems quite obvious that the EC officer making the statement has been used as a scapegoat to cover up the illegal exercise being carried out by another ‘system’ in EC.

The EC officer in question should know that in providing such answer, EC themselves have proven that they are not following their own procedures.

The officer should also have the knowledge that the normal procedure for EC in the case of registered voters who are applying to be absentee voters, will be first, to display the name to be deleted from the normal voter list and at the same time to display the applicant’s name in the new registration for the absentee voter. Both deletion and the new registration must be displayed at the same time in the additional Electoral Roll on display at the end of every quarter. This action is part of the audit trail in ensuring the integrity of the electoral roll.

In the case of Zarina bt Tausi and thousands others, their name was not displayed to be first deleted from the normal registered voter list. Thus during the keying in process, the IC number was rejected, as it would be a double entry. In order to overcome that, a “/ ” was put at the end of the IC number, which resulted in the outcome which we saw on display at the EC website, which is, a new registration of an EXISTING registered voter.

It also does not discount the fact that Zarina bt Tausi can still vote as an ordinary voter, even after she is successfully registered as an absentee voter. It will be the same case for thousands others in the same category. In the last quarter alone, there was a total of 1689 new registration of existing registered voter.

This kind of manipulation on the Electoral Roll can only point to the fact that the database of the Electoral Roll is questionable, totally flawed and has lost it’s credibility. The procedure is open to abuse and the possibility of the presence of a system B is highly probable.

PKR and Pakatan assert that EC must come clean. There must be an inquiry into the matter. An audit into the procedure and the system of the electoral roll must be allowed to take place. The chairman and deputy chairman of EC must answer to the citizens of Malaysia or be prepared to resign.

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