Press Statement by Fuziah Salleh, PKR Vice President and Kuantan MP on 17th March 2012

Press Release by Fuziah Salleh on 17th March 2012
PKR Vice President
Member of Parliament for Kuantan, Malaysia

The Prime Minister, Najib Razak made an announcement today that the formation of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lynas is not to decide on the fate of Lynas, but rather an engagement exercise with the public, to allay fears as well as to look at the safety and health aspects that concerns the public.

Here, lies a fundamental flaw in the thinking and mind-set of the ‘People First’ Prime Minister

Basically, UMNO being in power for 54 years had somehow conditioned the PM to constantly abuse the principle of the separation of powers. He needs to be reminded firstly, that Parliament is independent of the executive. Thus the Parliamentary Select Committee is a Parliamentary committee and from its name alone connotes the fact that it’s the Parliament that should decide on its existence as well as on the terms of reference of its PSC. The cabinet and the Prime Minister must respect as well as honour that independence. To stop making decisions and announcements for the Parliament will be a first step towards that outcome.

Secondly, the Cabinet seems to be using Parliament and the PSC as a tool to engage with the public and to carry out its public relations exercise.

This act continues to belittle the concerns of the people in Kuantan regarding the safety of LAMP. It’s nothing more than a ‘cover up’. On one hand verbally saying they are concerned but on the other hand, actually dismissing people by not listening to what the people wants.

The people in Kuantan and those living around the plant have repeated very clearly. They DO NOT want LAMP in Gebeng. And LAMP should not be anywhere in Malaysia for that matter.

If the government had truly put people first, they would have engaged with the public right from the beginning in 2007/2008 and the Kuantan people will not have to go through all these stress today.

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