Malaysiakini – PKR slams escalating Umno ‘abuse and thuggery’

2:48PM Mar 2, 2012

PKR has slammed Umno for its escalating trend of “verbal abuse, thuggery and violence” that it carries out unimpeded under the eyes of the government and police.

NONEPKR vice-president N Surendran (right in photo) was responding today to de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz calling PKR de factoleader Anwar Ibrahim an ‘iblis‘ (devil) over the Israel-Palestinian issue, as well as recent incidents at opposition ceramah.

He said Umno-BN was “hypocritical and dishonest” over the issue, with the recently de-classified letters by former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Israeli leaders as the latest proof of this.

“The politics of verbal abuse, thuggery and violence has no place in a democratic and civilised nation.

adam chew kwong wah jit poh journalist fracas in penang himpunan hijau rally kick“Yet, this is the path that Umno has taken in recent months. Umno supporters have violently disrupted opposition ceramahs and other events, and threatened physical violence against Pakatan Rakyat leaders,” said Surendran in a statement.

He slammed the government and the police for showing “shown no interest in taking serious action” against

The BN government and the police, he said, have shown no interest in “taking serious action against the Umno-linked political thugs who are now operating with impunity”.

‘BN-inspired fascist trend’

Last month, Anwar Ibrahim’s ceramah in Sembrong, Johor was met with violence after Umno supporters allegedly threw stones, pieces of wood and firecrackers, and damaged his vehicle.

NONEFollowing that vice-presidentNurul Izzah Anwar and communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad’s ceramah in a Felda settlement in Pahang was also disrupted, allegedly by local Umno leaders.

In the latest violent disruption at the anti-Lynas rallyin Penang last weekend where DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng was nearly attacked, police have identified Perkasa and Umno members as having been present.

Surendran said the “BN-inspired fascist trend in our politics” was worrying to all Malaysians, who wanted “rational and civilised political discourse” instead of “name-calling and thuggery”.

“The rakyat can now clearly see who the real devil is: oppression, corruption, economic mismanagement and arrogance are the hallmarks of Umno-BN’s rule of this country,” he added.

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