Malaysiakini – PKR fumes over ‘clandestine gerrymandering’

Hazlan Zakaria
2:50PM Feb 22, 2012

The Election Commission (EC) has been illegally moving voters into state and parliamentary seats in Selangor under the guise of the Belah Bahagi or division process, says PKR.

NONE“The truth is, EC has misused its position and provisions of the law to be involved in an activity that is illegal, resulting in irregularities in the electoral roll,” party vice-president Fuziah Salleh said today.

the move has resulted in sudden spikes in voters in Selangor constituencies, without details being displayed in the supplementary electoral rolls, Fuziah told a press conference in Petaling Jaya today.

She claimed that these ‘clandestine’ movements were carried out disguised as a  ‘division exercise’.

Fuziah explained that the EC is allowed by law to reorganise polling districts within state constituencies, but not shift voters out of the original state seats, let alone parliamentary district boundaries.

As proof, she tendered her analysis of the Subang parliamentary seat, which saw a rise of 3,364 voters that is not reflected in the supplementary electoral rolls.

The electoral roll for Subang for 2010 showed 97,351 voters, and together with the supplementary rolls for the first (4,619), second (3,752) and third (4,892) quarters, the total would be 110,614 voters.

However, this number should be far lower, after the objections saw some of the new voters rejected.

Fuziah pointed out that the total gazetted voters for the third quarter of 2011 was 113,978, an excess of 3,364 voters.

“I am just giving you a window on this. This is bigger, there is more to this,” Fuziah said, adding that more disclosures would follow.

As further proof, she also tendered a listing of nearly 200 voters who were transferred out of their state and parliamentary constituencies in Selangor without moving residence and without making any application to do so.

NONE“This is a surreptitious, clandestine movement of voters… it is gerrymandering,” said Subang MP R Sivarasa (left) who was also present.

Sivarasa said the spike in numbers of voters by these means could be seen all over Selangor, including his own constituency of Subang, which saw voters equal to nearly 35 percent of the total voters being added to the rolls by means fair or foul.

He said he would lodge a report on the matter with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission soon, as it represents abuse of power.

“No way this is just incompetence,” he concluded.

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