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January 31, 2012

JAN 31 – So, now we are being threatened by the obnoxious Australian. I have a message for Mr Nicholas Curtis of Lynas: Malaysia has attracted foreign direct investment long before he even heard of Gebeng, and will continue to do so long after he and his merry band of “investors” from Lynas are shut out of this blessed country.

For a start, we don’t need foreign investors who enjoy tax breaks and all other goodies, who promise the sky, the moon, technology transfer and create a paltry number of jobs before gloating as if our well-being depends on them.

The only people who support Lynas are the well-paid civil servants at MITI and MiDA. Why? So that they can boast that they have attracted RM25.5 billion amount of FDI into the country between January and November 2011.

No one in their right minds would support an investment or a company that till today cannot give a satisfactory explanation on how rare earth wastes are going to be disposed off. (If Terengganu Umno politician Idris Jusoh is a man of the rakyat, he should come clean on why the state government under his stewardship rejected Lynas.)

Curtis is suddenly an expert on Malaysian politics, saying that only the PKR MP for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh, is against the project. He even goes on to say that PAS is supportive of the project. This Aussie is probably swallowing all the PR garbage his company has been spewing.

So how about it, Malaysians, let’s show up this Aussie. I would even take it further: Let’s make this the main election issue in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s state.

Curtis says that if Malaysia cancels this project, it would scare away investors. I hope it scares away investors who are bent on unleashing harm on my fellow citizens.

So what if we never attract this type of investments ever again? I would rather lose billions than leave future generations with an environmental and health nightmare. Would Curtis care if all his promises of safety don’t materialise?

Definitely not. He will be in far away Australia. He may not even be around anymore when disaster strikes.

We must never accept the day when foreigners threaten us.

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