Malaysiakini – Brickbats over display of Lynas document

Brickbats over display of Lynas document

Lee Long Hui
5:06PM Jan 3, 2012

Two anti-Lynas groups in Kuantan are not happy over the public display of what is purported to be the temporary operating licence application for the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant.

NONETan Bun Teet (left), who heads the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas committee, claimed that the document was actually the solid waste management plan for the rare earth plant project in Gebeng.

Tan, who went to the Pahang state secretariat to inspect the document today, slammed the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) for misleading the public.

He also complained about various aspects of the display process.

Noting that the document is 300-400 pages long, Tan said only one person was allowed to read it at a time, and within an hour.

As such, only seven people would be able to read the document each day, as the display is only open from 9am to 4pm daily from today until Jan 17.

“I saw it, but I just roughly read through. It was impossible for me to finish reading it… it has many technical words (which I don’t understand),” he said when contacted.

Visitors are barred from carrying cameras, hand phones and video cameras when inspecting the document.

Tan complained that the AELB was being unreasonable and that it appeared to be trying to hide something from the people.

He called on the government to distribute copies of the document to members of the public or to make it available online.

Choice of locations questioned

Anti Rare Earth action body chairperson Andansura Rabu said the AELB seemed to be hindering access to the document by displaying it in locations that were not close to Kuantan.

azlanQuoting friends, Andansura said only four persons were allowed to read the document at the same time, and within an hour, at the AELB temporary office in Gebeng.

“The process is not really transparent,” he said.

The anti-Lynas groups intend to hold a meeting to come up with more effective ways for the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry to disseminate information on the document.

The document is on display at the AELB headquarters in Dengkil, Selangor, and the Pahang state secretariat from Mondays to Fridays; at the AELB temporary office at the Lynas project site and at the AELB east coast branch office in Kemaman, Terengganu, from Sundays to Thursdays.

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