Press Release of Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh on 26 August 2011

Link of Press Release of Kuantan MP and PKR Vice President YB Fuziah Salleh in PDF file:

Press Release of Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh 26 August 2011

Content of Press Release:

The issue of LAMP is complex and multi-faceted. Thus the decision to be made on LAMP’s safety and consequently justifying LAMP’s presence in Gebeng must involve input from experts of various disciplines.

On that premise, we have consulted local experts (to say that we don’t trust local experts is not true and misleading) from the various disciplines in order to arrive to the conclusion on opposing the presence of LAMP in Gebeng.

Experts consulted from the various disciplines were:

1) Public Health Experts:
1.1) Toxicologists – Dr Jayabalan and Dr Dzulkifly Ahmad
1.2) Epidemiologist – Dr Chan Chee Khoon

2) Chemical Engineer with specialisation in environment – Prof Dr Tan Kah Kheng

3) Chemical Engineer with expertise and specialisation in metal and corrosion – Dr Lee Chee Hoon

4) Lawyer with expertise in international environmental law – Prof Dr Gurdial Singh

5) Nuclear Physicist – En Ahmad Bungsu

Rare Earth extraction and refinery is an area which is totally new in Malaysia and for that matter a totally new area everywhere else in the world outside China. We do not have a benchmark to look up to. Even though we have proposals of a few Best Practises, there are none Best Practise in operations as yet.

That is why journals and publications from other Parliaments needed to be sought before a responsible decision can be made. All these efforts were taken up in the interest of the Rakyat, Demi Rakyat! Which I must emphasise is what we have responsibly done and followed up with.

TV3 and Karam Singh Walia primetime appearance is just a concerted plot by the BN administration to continue with their agenda of protecting Lynas for their own benefits and not for the Rakyat.

By just engaging in expert from one discipline and omitting local experts from other relevant disciplines exposes BN’s selfish agenda in denying the interest and the well-being of the Rakyat contrary to their people first policy.

What is stopping TV3 and Karam Singh Walia from engaging with all these other experts? Why? Because these other experts do not concur with the stance of the BN government and they refused to be used as tools towards BN objectives and goals.

Why do TV3 and Karam Singh Walia not engage with MMA, SAM, CAP, Bar Council, all of whom have made very strong positions and statements citing very strong supporting arguments on why LAMP must not be given the license to operate?

TV3 and Karam Singh Walia’s continuous efforts to discredit me and personal attacks on me, go to strengthen my assertion that the whole exercise is a political ploy of the BN government who is so desperate and worried about their inability to continue staying in power. By discrediting me, BN is using its mouthpiece, TV3 to embark on an early campaign prior to the elections.
Defamatory efforts by TV3 and Karam Singh are not in the interest of the Rakyat but in the interest to serve their political masters which is clearly the BN administration.

Thus on that note, I hereby would like to serve my letter of demand prepared by my lawyers to TV3, Karam Singh Walia and Ti Lian Ker.

Going back to the issue of making the right decision on the presence of LAMP in Gebeng, the BN federal government as well the state government has totally ignored and turned their backs on the safety of the people of Balok, Gebeng as well as the greater community of Kuantan. No public consultation took place from the initial stage and the project would have gone totally unnoticed had we not raised the issue. Instead the government continued to be arrogant and dismissive ? and latest resorting to dirty defamatory tactics.

Listen to the concerns of the Rakyat and let the Rakyat decide what’s best in their interest.

Demi Rakyat

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan

On Behalf of the Kuantan Concerned Citizens

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan, Malaysia

Admin • August 26, 2011

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