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Press release
24th November 2014

Himpunan Hijau to meet with the Embassy of Japan on Lynas

Himpunan Hijau and a few other prominent international NGOs will be meeting the Embassy of Japan at 10:30am, 27th November 2014 (Thursday) at 11, Persiaran Stonor, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, which is a day ahead of Lynas Corporation’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Sydney. The main purpose of the meeting is to convince the Japanese government to cut all business ties with Lynas in order to prevent a repeat of the Japanese mistake in the Bukit Merah toxic radioactive pollution tragedy.

The audacity of Lynas Corporation in ignoring the ground-swell objection of the Malaysian public is made possible by the financial support of two private Japanese corporations – the Sojitz Corporation and the Mitsubishi UFC Corporation – and a government-linked entity, the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC).

For two years, Lynas has been allowed to operate with a controversial Temporary Operating License (TOL) even though they have clearly violated international rules, standards and procedures. And to the dismay of the people, upon the expiry of the TOL, the Malaysian government blatantly allow Lynas to continue to operate eventhough they have yet to comply with international standards.

The Japanese government must atone for their past mistakes by withdrawing their support to an irresponsible corporation like Lynas which will otherwise become the continuation of their policy of harm on millions of Malaysians.

Salam Hijau!

Issued by,
The steering Committee of Himpunan Hijau